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Release Blitz & Giveaway for The Chase by Jessica Wood

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Title: The Chase: Volume One
Author: Jessica Wood
Release Date: May 29, 2014

735 to 1.

735 = number of notches on his belt.
1 = the notch he couldn’t get.
Who is he?

Dean Chase.

He loves the thrill. He loves the women. And above all, he loves the chase.

But the one thing he doesn’t love is being tied down by a woman. To him, once the chase is over, it’s time to pull up his boxers and move on to the next target.

That is until he meets Blair Parker.

Blair is unlike any of the women under Dean’s belt. She’s confident, mysterious, and sassy. In Dean’s world, she’s the wicked curved ball he couldn’t figure out. She’s the first woman who always seems to be out of reach no matter how hard he chases. So when it comes to Blair, Dean couldn’t move on.

Dean will need to change his ways in order to chase Blair down to make her the 736th notch on his belt. But will chasing after Blair become Dean’s undoing and end his love of the chase once and for all?

The Chase is volume one of a three-part contemporary romance novella series.
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The Chase, Volume 2 is set to release on June 10th and The Chase, Volume comes out end of June.

Then another beep came from my inbox. It was another email from the client. Fuck, what now?

To: Dean Chase
From: B. Parker
Re: Parker, Inc. - Acquisition & Escrow Draft Contracts

Mr. Chase:

I have yet to receive a response to my last email. Please confirm that you will circulate the draft contracts by 10 a.m. today, so I can plan accordingly.

B. Parker
Acting Vice President
Parker, Inc.

“Seriously! It’s been five minutes!” I screamed at my computer. “You self-important entitled motherfucker!”
“What now?” Josh asked tentatively.
“Who do you think? Okay, dude. I really gotta get to work.”
“Okay, just one more question!”
“Make it quick.”
“What was the craziest thing you guys did last night?”
“She put on a ball gag around her mouth and commanded me to whip on her ass and pussy until she came.”
“Holy fuck! That sounds intense!” Then Josh looked at me with a confused expression. “Uh, what exactly is a ball gag?”
I stared at him in disbelief. “Oh, dear God. You seriously need to get out of whatever fucking sad rock you’ve been hiding under. Go Google it, man—and not here on the office computers. The firm tracks that shit. Now get the fuck out. I have less than two hours to do two day’s worth of work.”
After Josh left my office, I immediately sent Mr. B. Parker a curt response.

To: B. Parker
From: Dean Chase
Re: Parker, Inc. - Acquisition & Escrow Draft Contracts

B. Parker:

In response to your emails from both eight minutes ago and three minutes ago, this is to confirm that I will make every effort to circulate the three draft contracts by 10 a.m.

Apologies for not responding as quickly as you had hoped. I must have accidentally ate a rotten egg in my omelet this morning because I was in the bathroom taking a shit. I can tell you place a great importance on timeliness and efficiency. I do as well. So going forward, I will make sure to bring my firm smartphone into the bathroom with me so that I may respond to you in a timely fashion.

Thank you in advance for understanding.

D. Chase, Esq.
William & Sutter LLP.

“That will shut you up, B. Fucking Parker.” I knew I probably had gone too far, especially with such a huge client for the firm. But from experience, sometimes you had to push back when dealing with unreasonable clients like these. Otherwise, they would continue to demand unreasonable expectations.
To my surprise, less than a minute later, my computer beeped again. It was another email from B. Parker. Fuck, this guy just doesn’t want to quit, does he?

To: Dean Chase
From: B. Parker
Re: Parker, Inc. - Acquisition & Escrow Draft Contracts

Mr. Chase:

Thank you for your effort to become more dedicated to the needs of your clients. While I do not condone the use of electronic devices while sitting over a public toilet “taking a shit,” as you have so nicely put it, I do appreciate receiving responses to my emails in a timely matter. As you are aware at this point, I thought that timeliness was somewhat lacking this morning.

Also, I am torn between feeling sorry for you and your ill-fated illness and feeling sorry for the egg, which had rotted and wasted away before it could have been appreciated in some manner. I say that to say: I sympathize with both of your misfortunes equally. But hey, look on the bright side, at least you survived.

I look forward to reviewing these contracts shortly.

B. Parker
Acting Vice President
Parker, Inc.

About the Author
Jessica Wood1
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Jessica Wood writes contemporary romance.

While she has lived in countless cities throughout the U.S., her heart belongs to San Francisco. To her, there’s something seductively romantic about the Golden Gate Bridge, the steep rolling hills of the city streets, the cable cars, and the Victorian-style architecture.

She loves a strong, masculine man with a witty personality. While she is headstrong and extremely independent, she can’t resist a man who takes control of the relationship, both outside and inside of the bedroom.

She loves to travel internationally, and tries to plan a yearly trip abroad. She also loves to cook and bake, and—to the benefit of her friends—she loves to share. She also enjoys ceramics and being creative with her hands. She has a weakness for good (maybe bad) TV shows; she’s up-to-date on over 25 current shows, and no, that wasn’t a joke.

And it goes without saying, she loves books—they’re like old and dear friends who have always been there to make her laugh and make her cry.

The one thing she wished she had more of is time.


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