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Blog Tour, Interview, My Review Of Beck By Harper Sloan

Beck Book 3 – Corps Security Series
By Harper Sloan


**Warning** This book is intended for a mature reading** 


I’ve always been good at wearing masks. Not letting anyone see the real me. I’m content being the happy-go-lucky best friend. The strong willed boss. The independent woman who doesn’t need a man. 

But the truth is I’m just as broken as the rest of you. I’m terrified that all it will take is one person to make all my carefully constructed walls crumble into fine dust. So I guard my heart with everything I have. Determined to never let anyone get close enough to hurt me again. 

All is perfect until HE walks into my life. No… he doesn’t just walk. He struts his good-looking, sex-oozing self-right into my space and demands that I see HIM. Making me want what I know I can’t have. 

So I did the only thing I know how to do. 
I run. 
But he just won’t let me go. 


The second I see her, I know she will be mine. I see past the gorgeous smiles and heart-stopping laughter. I see HER. She doesn’t want me to know her secrets or the past that haunts her, but I make it my mission to find out. 

To make her mine. 

She can run all she wants, but it will never be far enough to stop me from coming after her. 
She’s it for me and she knows it. 
She’s just too scared to admit it. 

**NO cliffhanger, HEA, inter-connected standalones**

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My 5 Star Review :

All I will say is read the whole book to understand all of Dee... 

Harper has asked for spoiler free reviews. So with that said I am going to tell you how I felt about this story and give you a little background on the characters. 

This is the story of Beck and Dee. I was scared going into this one only because of the fact that I was not a big fan Of Dee’s in the previous 2 books. The way she treated beck in those two books had me disliking her. Now I love Dee, I understand her, and I know why she was the way she was.

Dee comes from a family with money but also one that lacks love. She is Izzy’s Best friend. She has spunk, she is feisty. She will do anything for anyone if they need her help. What people see is only the outside of Dee. No one knows that inside she is broken. She has never told anyone what haunts her. She does not want any form of a relationship.

I am Denise Ann Roberts. Strong, proud and independent. A loyal friend, godmother and I radiate fucking happiness so that people will never see how lonely I really am.

Beck, Hot Alpha Man with a heart of gold. He can see right through Dee to her soul and he knows what is hiding inside of her. He will do everything in his power to help her and to make her his in the end. 

"You've got nothing to be scared of with me. Not one damn thing… Fighting for you, and this relationship might drive me mad at times, but it's the fight I want if it ends with you in my arms… Please, Dee. Take a chance on us, and I swear to you, baby, you won't regret a day of it."

The story behind Dee and Beck is one of a lot of emotions. You truly get to see and understand why Dee is the way she is. You get to see Beck stand by her side and get even the little bit that he gets from her and remain right there beside her throughout it all. 

“I can only hope that she’s become strong enough to realize that she has all the power in the world to become whole again and a man who’s willing to fight tooth and nail to help get her there.”

Beck knows that Dee needs to work through what is going on inside her. He does not push, he does not pull. He let’s her go at her own pace. 
It’s like he really does see right inside me. It’s almost as if he can reach right in and pull out my secrets.

Dee she starts to work through what she is feeling inside. It is one tough road for her. No one understands what she is going through. She has kept it hidden from everyone. Even her Best friends have not noticed, Dee has kept it hidden that well.

Everyone around us looks at our fucked up relationship and does nothing but judge. They see only the outside, the window dressing. They don’t see this side of Dee... No, everyone sees perfect Dee, happy Dee, and the Dee that never stops smiling, even when she’s dying on the inside.

There is a lot of emotions in this book. Harper sure knows how to throw a blow you did not see coming right at you. You feel it all. I wanted to hunt Harper down and beat her lol, and I told her this. Then she redeemed herself a little with me. So her butt is safe for now. 

“I want it all. Mind, body, soul, and heart. I promise you that when we finally get there, it’s going to be worth the wait. When you open yourself up to me completely… Baby, you won’t even believe how good it’s going to be.” 

I cannot wait for the next book and to see where Harper Goes with it all. Definitely if you love hot alpha men then this series is one you need to check out now. Each book can be read as a standalone, but in my opinion read the series from the beginning to get a better understanding of all of the characters.

Interview with Harper: 

Hi Harper, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Which writers inspire you? To a degree all authors do… putting a piece of themselves out there. If I had to pick one it would be Kristen Ashley.

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book? Marco Dapper for Beck and Jana Kramer for Dee

What is your favorite motivational phrase? If at first you don’t succeed, try try again

What is your favorite positive saying? Never give up

What is your favorite book and why? Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley. One word: TACK

What is your favorite quote? Karma is a bitch

What is your favorite movie and why? Dirty Dancing. I’ve been a sucker for that movie since I was like 5. LOL

What books have most influenced your life most? Under the Sweet Gum Tree hit me emotionally. The Edge of Never. Binding Arbitration. Usually it’s the really emotionally ones that really hit me.

Have you ever gone out in public with your shirt on backwards, or your slippers on, and when realizing it, just said screw it? Of course I have. Usually there is a bra missing in there too.

Do you prefer fuzzy or tub socks? Tub… usually stolen from my husband

Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning, or do you not see much point? Hell no I don’t. What’s the point… my ass will be right back soon!

Be honest, how often do you wash your hair? Hell… when I make myself stop working and shower!

Do you get road rage? What pisses you off the most about other drivers? I’m a screamer… in more ways than driving. HA! I hate idiots that ride my tail… or ones that go about 100 miles under the speed limit.

. Do you go out of your way to kill bugs? Are there any that make you screech and hide? I will throw things from across the house if I see a spider. I don’t do bugs!

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? I LOVE Y’ALL!!!

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview

 About the Author 

Harper lives in small town Georgia just a short drive from her hometown of Peachtree City. She (and her 3 daughters) enjoy ruling the house they dubbed 'Estrogen Ocean', much to her husband’s chagrin. Harper has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books; you can almost ALWAYS find her with her ereader attached. As an ex-reviewer and blogger, Harper's passion for reading runs deep. It wasn't until 'Axel' decided to take up residence that she realized her true calling.
She started using writing as a way to unwind when the house went to sleep at night; and with a house full of crazy it was the perfect way to just relax. It didn't take long before a head full of very demanding alphas would stop at nothing to have their story told.

Social Links:

Facebook Author Page:  www.facebook.com/harpersloanbooks
Twitter: @harpersloan
Goodreads Author Page:   http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7122060.Harper_Sloan?from_search=true


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