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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Sapphire Universe By Devon Herrera


Rule #1 Do NOT ignore the signs.
Rule #2 Pay attention.
Rule #3 The less they know about you, the harder it is for them to hurt you.
Rule #4 Comfort is dangerous. It can be taken away.
Rule #5 Need is a handicap. It can cripple you.
Rule #6 He isn’t what he seems. Don’t trust him.

Simple rules made for a simple purpose. Nina Ryan learned early on in life that if you want to avoid being hurt, you need to be proactive. If you pay attention the Universe will always steer you in the right direction. It will help keep you safe. So, she follows the rules, and she is safe. Until Connor Wright barges his way through all her carefully laid defenses and threatens to destroy the comfortable life she has created. Faithfully following her #1 rule, Nina tries to accept that the Universe has pushed Connor and her lives together for a purpose. Determined to make Nina his, Connor chips away at the walls Nina has placed around her heart and her secrets. Is Nina following the signs that will lead her down the right path, or does Connor hold secrets of his own that will ruin Nina for good? Only the Universe knows.

Nina Character Profile

Hi my names Nina. Jesus, this sounds like an AA meeting doesn’t it? My name is Nina and I’ve been sober for about a week. I blame José. Just kidding. Anyway, some nosey author wrote a book about me called “Sapphire Universe”. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I now have to write out some small “All About Me” or whatever. I guess there are people out there who want to get to know me, which is a little bit out of the ordinary so please bear with me.
I’m pretty much just your average girl, except I have a few not-so-average quirks. Normal is overrated though, right? I have what I like to call “foot-in-mouth syndrome.” Basically that pesky hole in my face likes to spout out at the most inconvenient times. I’m still working on that.
Gravity hates me. I’m sure of it. The feeling is also completely mutual. I’ll put it this way, if I went into a biker bar and met a Hell’s Angel; I would feel totally confident starting a competition of “Who has the most injuries/scars.” No joke, I would win every single time.
My last quirk-or the last one I’ll share with you anyway- is a little more complicated than a rebellious tongue. Minds out of the gutter people! How do I put this? I guess I better just come out and say it. I speak to the Universe. I know, I know, it’s super weird, but once you’ve heard my whole story, it might make some more sense to you. And if not, maybe you’ll just get a laugh or two reading about me making a jackass out of myself.
My family life is, complicated, and also non-existent. I have a best friend Lola, and that’s it. Literally. I wish I could just tell you why, but I just can’t go there. It’s one of my rules. That would be like handing you all a loaded gun and painting a target on my face. Let’s just say, I have a dramatic past. One that took away my family and my ability to trust people, especially men.
So, check out my story to get a laugh at my expense and all the juicy gossip of my past and present. The Universe likes to mess with me, so there is sure to be some drama and who knows, maybe I’ll meet some new people to add to my short list of friends and family. Ha-ha! NOT!

About the Author:

I am a wife of a U.S Army Soldier and mother of a beautiful little girl. I work for the Wyoming Department of Revenue in Cheyenne Wyoming, and no we don't still ride horses out here. I've been in love with reading since I first discovered the Harry Potter series in 4th grade. I don't just read a good book I devour it. After reading hundreds of novels I finally bit the bullet and sat down to write one of my own. I had an idea in my head and as soon as I started writing, the story seemed to play out right infront of me. Nothing has ever felt so natural. About 10 chapters into it I decided that I was going to take the plunge and get it self published as an Ebook. "Sapphire Universe" is a Contemporary Romance novel for adults, because lets face it, I'm female. Romance is what I like to read so it's what I'm going to write. I'll be posting some teasers and keeping you up to date on my progress as I finish writing and editing. Thank you so much for your support, and I can't wait for you to read "Sapphire Universe."

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