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Book Review - Sapphire Universe by Devon Herrera

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I was sent this book By Devon in return for an honest review . Last night she posted on her page on Fb that she was scared because I was reading it . As I told her I only give my honest opinion about books and I only write awesome reviews about books LOL .. With that being said her goes my thoughts about Sapphire Universe :

Book Blurb :

Some people are so focused on themselves that they miss out on the world around them. These people are consumed with their own pain, trials and live inside of their own world, never noticing what the Universe has to offer outside of their bubble. They don’t see the paths set before them and as is the law of the Universe, when you set out on the wrong path, you lose. Nina Ryan was one of those people.

When she was 17, Nina’s world was turned upside down. Devastated by loss and grief, she was blind to the warning signs the Universe was sending her. She never saw the betrayal and pain coming and when it did, it crippled her. Nina barley made it out whole, but when she did she vowed to take control, to never again be blindsided.

Now at 26, Nina lives her life in a spectator’s state. She is constantly watching and waiting for the signs that she uses to stay on the right path. The Universe is her guide and with it and a strict set of rules, she is safe, guarded. The Universe has never steered Nina wrong so far, so she’s completely rattled when it throws her directly into the path of the one thing she has learned to avoid. And it just keeps pushing.

Connor is everything Nina can’t have and shouldn’t want. He’s gorgeous, charming, fun, and has sapphire eyes that see everything. Why would a beautiful man from New York want a damaged girl? More importantly how can Nina give him her heart when he’s just going to take it with him when he leaves? Nothing about him makes sense and everything about him screams risk. Will Connor finally be the risk Nina gains from, or is he hiding something that could finally destroy her for good? Only the Universe knows.

I Loved the characters in this book , Every last one of them .

Nina I fell in love with in the Prologue and I wanted to know all there was about her after just reading that in the beginning . Nina Lost her parents when she was 16 yrs old . We don't find out exactly how until further in the book , so I will not give that away for anyone . I will say that everything Nina Believes through her life is with alot of reason , and If I had been in her shoes I would of felt the same way as her as far as her feelings, her being un-trusting and etc.

Connor , Man oh Man I Have never seen a man in any book I have ever read where he did not have some sort of fault , and let me tell you Connor has NONE . Although there is a couple times in the book where I am thinking What has he done, or OMG what is he hiding , In truth Nothing Could of prepared me for what each instance was . Devon did a fabulous Job of leading me to believe there would be something Bad that He was hiding or was going to do , because I just thought he was way to good to be true .. When each instance played out I sighed a huge breath of relief and was happy that YES he did no wrong woo hoo ...

Lola is Nina's BFF and she is awesome throughout the whole book , her wit, her attitude I love her and she is every girls dream BFF for sure . I am excited that we are going to get a book About her and Drake ... I so look forward to seeing how that relationship plays out and I am sure Devon Won't disappoint us with it .

As Little as Nick and Toni had in the story line I am excited also to see where their story goes , I surely am wondering about that Little girl of Toni's ...... and I know there is going to be a great story about them ....

There was even a little mystery and suspense in it as well which made me just keep turning the pages to see what was going to happen next .

this book will have you holding your breath, laughing, and even shedding a tear or two , but in the end it is totally worth the read ... I LOVED every last word of it , and it will surely be a re-read for me .

My fav quote : "Come on Nina let me in I'm freezing my best assets off out here " Made me LMAO at that one .

Devon, thank you so much for approaching me and introducing yourself to me and asking me to read and review your book., without you coming to me about it I probably would of never seen it and I would of missed out on an awesome story . I can not wait to see what comes of the other couples in the books to follow with this series .

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