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Blog Tour, Excerpts, & Giveaway For The Lucien Knight Trilogy by Kitty French

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Knight & Play (Knight #1)
Knight & Stay (Knight #2)
Knight & Day (Knight #3)
Author: Kitty French
Genre: Erotic Romance

Knight & Play (Knight #1)
                                                     Knight 1

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  There's only one thing in life Lucien Knight really hates, and that's husbands who cheat on their wives. There's only one problem in Sophie Black's life. Her cheating husband... From the moment Lucien & Sophie meet, the seal is set. Romantic, emotional & intensely erotic, Knight and Play is the perfect read for lovers of international bestsellers Fifty Shades & Bared To You. Let yourself be swept away by Part One of the Knight series from Kitty French, a romance so hot it'll burn your fingers... CEO of Knight Inc. Lucien Knight is catch-your-breath gorgeous and damaged by his troubled past in Norway. All grown up and relocated to London, he's built his empire of adult clubs from the ground up to become the gorgeous patron saint of the sex industry. No one knows the dark childhood secrets that have given Lucien a backbone of steel and a heart encased in ice. No one until Sophie Black, that is... From the moment girl-next-door Sophie accepts the job as Lucien Knight's PA, she understands how Alice must have felt when she tumbled down the rabbit hole. Lucien takes her safe, vanilla life away and plunges her head first into a huge dish of fantasy flavours. Rich, spicy chocolate covered with dark, oozingly lickable sauce? Check. Tutti-frutti with indecently red, glistening cherries on the top? Yes please. Lucien strips away all of Sophie's inhibitions, and when he instructs her to select three new toys, she soon realises he has more than a game of Monopoly on his mind... He's opened the door to a whole new pleasure packed world without limits, and Sophie is utterly intoxicated. But how far is she willing to go? And what happens when she has to step back into reality again? Lucien & Sophie's is a story of star crossed love and forbidden passion, a sexual odyssey that spans the globe and changes both of their lives forever. Let it change yours, too.


“You’re overdressed.”
Naked beneath the robe, Sophie’s pulse accelerated.
He watched her in silence for a long few seconds, and when she didn’t move to
undress, he reached down and flicked the top button of his own jeans open instead.
Sophie blinked hard, her eyes following his fingers as he worked the second button
open. She cleared her throat as he went for the third. His golden, sculpted navel
gleamed in the candle glow. As he released the last button, he pushed his jeans down
and stepped free of them, then straightened, buck naked and utterly nonchalant.
“See? No clothes. Easy.” He spread his hands wide, and Sophie gorged on the
visual feast he was offering her.
He was easily the most beautiful man she’d ever seen, in real life, or in magazines
or movies. All gleaming hard planes and athletic, lean muscle. Sophie’s eyes strayed
lower, beyond his navel.
Christ. His cock. She pulled in her breath hard as she stared at the thick, long curve
standing rigid against his abdomen. Despite the fact that she’d experienced him so
intimately inside her, this was the first chance she’d had to see him fully naked. He
took her breath away.
When she eventually dragged her eyes back up to his face, she found that cocky half
smile back in place on his lips. He knew the effect he was having on her. He turned
God, how her fingers itched to touch those broad, inked shoulders, to trail down the
length of his granite spine to his perfectly curved backside. Sophie puffed her fringe
out of her eyes. If Lucien had been around in the Renaissance period, sculptors would
have gouged out their own eyeballs for a chance to sculpt him.
He turned back around and tipped his head to one side.
“Your turn.”
Sophie caught her bottom lip between her teeth, trapped between nerves and the
desire to comply. Desire won. She got slowly to her feet, and Lucien moved around
her to take her place on the edge of the bed. He planted his hands on the fur throw
behind him, his cock looming large and shameless in front of him.
Sophie licked her dry lips and reached for the belt of the gown.
“Turn around.”
She hadn’t expected instruction, but accepted his request with a tingle of lust in her
groin. Her back turned, she released the belt.
“Go slow.”
His low command made her revise her plan to drop the robe, and she shimmied it
just one shoulder off instead.
“Good girl.”
Encouraged, she slid the other shoulder down, but kept hold of the robe as it slipped
down her spine, holding it as a seductive cover over her bottom. She turned to throw a
saucy glance at Lucien over one shoulder and found him slowly stroking the length of
his hard cock with one hand.
Her jaw dropped and she turned away quickly, letting the robe fall to the floor. The
knowledge that he was behind her, lazily masturbating, turned her knees to jelly, and
a snake pit of nerves writhed in her gut as she willed herself to be brave. She turned
back around to face him.
He didn’t take his hand away from his erection as he nodded slowly, his eyes sliding
from her face to her breasts. Sophie felt her nipples pucker into ripe beads under his
scrutiny, and she could barely get her breath as his eyes travelled lower. Her hands
were awkward at her sides, and she knew her cheeks were pink with discomfort and
desire in equal measure.
Lucien stared at her crotch and stroked himself for a second longer, then licked his
lips and stood up.
His height above hers struck Sophie anew, further enhanced by the vulnerability of
being naked.
“You see?” He gestured to their bodies with his hands.
“Man.” He touched his fingers to his chest and raised his eyebrows.
“Woman.” He brushed his fingertips over the base of her throat.
“Sex is natural.” He trailed one finger down the valley between her breasts to her
navel, making her stomach muscles jitter in response. “And fucking beautiful.”
His clear blue eyes held hers. “Now, forget everything else,” he said, “And Get. On.

That. Bed.”

Knight & Stay (Knight #2)
                                                    Knight 2  

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Sophie black has turned her back on both her cheating husband and her sexy, enigmatic boss Lucien Knight. When she hits rock bottom, she finds herself drawn back into Lucien's glamorous no strings, high stakes world of intensely erotic encounters. Bold and beautiful, Lucien is a walking, talking Viking sex god-the ultimate rebound guy. His is a seductive world of pleasure without limits or commitment, but can Sophie's already bruised heart survive his strictly no ties rule? When her husband returns with his tail between his legs, Sophie is faced with the toughest decision of her life. How does she choose between the man she vowed to love forever and the man who she hadn´t planned on loving at all? Knight & Stay is a star-crossed romantic adventure that spans the globe from Paris to the glittering artic northern lights, a sexual odyssey of love and lust that changes the lives of everyone involved forever.


It was as if she'd opened the gates to paradise.
Lucien was parched and desperate to drink from her, to fill himself to the brim with the magical elixir that seemed to flow from her soft curves and hidden hollows straight into his bloodstream.
He lowered his head and captured her nipple between his lips, turned on as much by her groan of pleasure as by the feel of the nub in his mouth. He swirled his tongue over her as he let his hands explore her back; the delicate bones of her spine, the way it dipped then flared at the base.
He shrugged out of his shirt as he transferred his attentions to her other nipple, loving the feeling of his skin against her skin again. The sure slide of her hands over his shoulders had him pushing down her lace knickers. There would be time later to take it slow. Right now he was driven by urgent need; the need to embrace her naked body completely, to be overthrown by the mind-blowing sensation that only fucking this woman could give him.
Sophie's shallow moans of anticipation told him that she was of the same mind, as did the way she swayed her body against his as he reached for his belt.
"I love you like this," she murmured when he gathered her to him, and he had to hold back the words that almost left his own lips as he lifted her onto the edge of the sofa and positioned himself between her legs.
He noticed how she held her breath with anticipation as he let the tip of his cock play against her entrance, and how it rushed from her body when he surged his hips forward. She might have groaned, but he didn't hear it over the animalistic sound that left his own throat. Oh, the way Sophie wrapped her legs around his thighs, and Christ, the feel of her hands pulling him in deeper. She'd regained the weight she'd dropped in her weeks of turmoil and distress and felt to Lucien all the more amazing for it; her lush velvet curves were surely designed to make a man lose his head. Fuck. He needed to thrust, and he needed her with him when he came.
Sophie's mouth opened wide under his when he reached a hand behind her head and pulled her into his kiss, and she mouthed his name when he reached his other hand between their bodies and massaged her clitoris as his hips found a furious rhythm. Christ, she was going to come, he could feel her body tensing and it aroused him almost beyond endurance. She clamped him with her legs, her head flung back with pleasure as he slammed himself into her. So sexy. Bang. So fucking, fucking sexy. Bang. Sophie cried out, her finger nails arcing into his skin as she orgasmed around his cock and under his fingers. Her whole body tightened deliciously, wrenching his own climax out of him with a shout of absolute, blissful, excruciating, intense release.
"Mine." The ragged word left his mouth unplanned and uncensored by rational thought as he buried his face in her neck. "Mine."

Sophie settled herself against Lucien's chest as they dropped down together onto the sofa. "Do you want some dinner?"
"No." He stroked her hair.
"Only if I can smear it all over you and then lick it off."
Sophie harboured no delusion that he was joking; she was instantly transported back to Norway, laid out on Lucien's dining table wearing nothing but his dessert.
"I don't want food or drink. This isn't a date."

Knight & Day (Knight #3)
                                                       Knight 3  

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Kara Brookes hates liars. Dylan Day hasn’t told the truth from the moment his plane touched down in Ibiza. It’s a recipe for disaster. Lucien and Sophie are back, and have set up camp on the sun-drenched isle of Ibiza for the opening of the latest of Lucien’s strictly adult clubs. They’re joined for the summer by Sophie’s best friend Kara, and Dylan Day, Lucien’s newly appointed club manager. The laid back, smokin’ hot surf guy from California seems almost too good to be true… but there’s no smoke without fire. It’s going to be a long hot summer of love, lust, lies and wedding bells. But who will get their happy ever after? Romantic, emotional and intensely erotic, Knight & Day is the thrilling final installment of the USA Today bestselling Knight Series from Kitty French.


“Listen, Kara…” Dylan topped up their champagne glasses in the silence that followed Lucien and
Sophie’s disappearance. “I think we may have got off on the wrong foot, and for my part in that, I’m
He handed Kara her glass and picked up his own, turning his body towards hers on the bench as he
settled back down. The top couple of buttons on his dark shirt were open, and Kara found her eyes
following the tanned column of his neck down and wondering what he’d be like if he lost the shirt
Balls. She closed her eyes and brought her glass to her lips. She didn’t want to think that.
Don’t think it, don’t think it, don’t think it.
Maybe if she said it three times in her head something magical would happen and he wouldn’t be so
attractive when she reopened her eyes.
Well, that didn’t work. In fact, if anything, he looked sexier still, because he was watching her, waiting
for her.
“Are you waiting for me to apologise too?” she asked, placing her drink down.
“Do you feel like you need to?”
He was half school teacher, half sex god, and for some reason Kara found herself ready to be thrown over his knee and chastised for her sassy mouth. Oh Lord. This was going to go bad. Champagne swilled in her veins, and there was no stopping the words from leaving her lips.
“No. I actually feel like sliding over there and unbuttoning your shirt.”
Dylan’s expression went from lazy amusement to round-eyed surprise in five seconds flat. Surprise laced with arousal.
“Which is why you should leave right now,” Kara continued, aware that she’d said too much, as always.
Her big mouth had got her into all sorts of trouble over the years, and it would seem that this was destined to be another of those times.
She watched him swallow hard and wanted to trace her index finger down his Adam’s apple.
He watched her watching him.
“Well, that’s an unexpected development, English.”
“You’re telling me,” she said. “Leave. Please?”
Kara manoeuvred herself off the bench and stood to allow him room to get out.
“Should I finish my drink?”
“I could take my shirt off?”
He was standing too close, his fingers on the buttons at his chest, his eyebrows raised suggestively, his
expression caught halfway between joking and deadly serious.
“Goodnight, Dylan.”
Kara crossed her arms firmly, and for the briefest of seconds Dylan’s eyes moved down to the cleavage
she’d just inadvertently served up like two oranges on a platter. She didn’t dare open her mouth for fear of what might come out. “Rip my dress off and take a proper look,” sprang unhelpfully to mind.
Dylan leaned down and touched his lips against her cheek; warm, tingly, and lingering for a second
longer than could be deemed platonic. Jesus, he smelt like nothing on earth. She wanted to lick his face.
“Goodnight, English,” he said softly. “I’ll see myself out. And for the record… I’ve never felt less like
leaving anywhere in my life.”

About the Author
Kitty   USA Today best selling author Kitty French is a self confessed romance junkie - she loves to watch it, read it, and best of all, to write it. She started to write erotic romance after reading Fifty Shades and hasn't looked back since! She lives in England with the gorgeous Mr.F and their two young sons, and is never knowingly found without a glass of wine in her hand. Kitty also writes romantic comedy under the pseudonym Kat French. Her first novel, Undertaking Love, is out now from HarperCollins.

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