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Blog Tour for Rock Bottom Series by Sarah Biermann

Title: Tracks (Rock Bottom #1)
Author: Sarah Biermann
Genre: New Adult 


When Harvard Law student, Dylan Ackhart, moves to Boston with her best friend- the last thing she expects to find is Jeremy Mason. Jeremy is sexy, smart, and passionate- and currently the most famous rock star in the world.

From the first moment Dylan meets Jeremy, she's attracted to him. But she soon finds the fame and press can wear on you. Plus, Jeremy seems to be hiding things from her- including his relationship with the mysterious blue-haired girl.

Tracks takes you on a ride through the not so glamorous side of dating a rock star- sex, drugs, rock and roll.

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 Excerpt :

I finally reach his big, wooden door at the top of the steps. With my heart pounding, I reach quickly for the doorknob. I’m planning to just bust my way in there. But when I lay my hand on the knob, I pause. Because above the pounding in my ears I can hear guitar chords…a melody playing softly through the thick door. Not just any melody, but the most beautiful and heartbreaking melody I’ve ever heard. It’s a simple song, slow and beautiful, a ballad. The sound makes my heart hum and my mind clear. My blood pressure returns to normal again instantly.
The melody continues and it’s so beautiful that I’m compelled to stand in silence and listen. I desperately need to hear it more clearly. I’m scared to go in; afraid the melody will stop when he sees me. I carefully and quietly turn the doorknob, cracking the door just a slight bit. I stop breathing for a moment, praying he hasn’t noticed. When the melody continues, I put my ear up to the crack.
The song fills my head like a dream, each note breaking my heart with the emotion it coveys. Tears spring to my eyes, and I’m not even sure why other than that the haunting tune.
In my heart’s sequestered chambers lies truth stripped of poets gloss…” I hear Jeremy’s voice begin with the melody. His voice, yet not his voice. His voice because it’s still bluesy and rock and roll, but soft and extremely sad. Devastatingly sad. Beautiful…
“Words alone are vain and vacant and my heart is mute…” His voice breaks on the end of the sentence, but the song continues. “In response to aching silence memory summons half heard voices. And my soul finds primal eloquence and wraps me in song…” Tears fall down my cheeks, his singing changing and warming as if he is actually wrapping me in the music he plays. His voice becomes more beautiful as he continues, pained and tortured.
“Wraps me…in song…If you would comfort me, sing me a lullaby. If you would win my heart, sing me a love songIf you would mourn me and bring me to God, sing me a requiem. Sing me to heaven!” His voice crescendos as he sings the lyrics, ending in a wounded plea, as if he’s begging for relief from pain.
I’m sobbing loudly now, and I can’t wait anymore to be in his presence. I push the door open and see his shocked expression from the couch in the living room where he sits. He’s holding his glimmering silver guitar in his hand, and I spot where my name is written in green cursive along the bottom of it.
He looks surprised at first, his eyes wide and breathing rapid. We lock eyes with each other and tears roll down both our cheeks. His fingers move along the neck of the guitar again, not looking away from me. “Sing me a lullaby. A love song. A requiem. Love me, comfort me. Bring me to God.
I put a hand up to my mouth. He takes a shaky breath and continues. “Sing me a love song. Sing me to Heaven…” He finishes, the last note lingering in the air, soft and sweet and agonizing.
My knees give out under the weight of my stress and pain. My emotions have been all over the place. Here I was, coming to scream at him and tell him that I thought he was a piece of shit. Now I find myself sobbing on the floor of his apartment because of the crushing way that I love him. That I can’t live without him. That he needs to tell me it’s not true.

My 4 Star Review :

Evryone wants to read a story with a Rock Star in it. Everyone wants to be the girl that said rock star falls in love with. Sometimes though things get in the way. Other times you get subject to first hand what the life of a Rock Star can be like for real, Especially when that Rock star has Things he needs to work through in his life.

Enter Dylan Ackhart Harvard Law Student who moves to Boston with her Best friend Theresa to attend college. Dylan did not have the greatest childhood, with parents that cheated on each other all her life. Her Best friend is a hard core fan of Jeremy Mason and his band. They have tickets to go see his concert and Although Dylan really does not want to go she goes with her BF.

Once at the concert, (which they have front row seats) Dylan and Jeremy lock eyes. From there things get complicated. Dylan Gets trampled by the girls around her and Jeremy see’s this and gets the security guys to help her. From there Jeremy does all he can to get to know Dylan better. 

Jeremy rock star, Singer, guitar player, Every Girls Dream guy, but this dream guy is hiding things. He has some serious issues going on and the closer him and Dylan get to each other the More Dylan suspects things are not all they should be with Jeremy. He is hiding something and it is something big from her.

As these two get closer so does the drama. Dylan is trying to get herself ready for college and now she is dealing with a Rock Star boyfriend, the public in her eye, the Bad mouth groupies. She gets to her limit at one point and finally realizes things need to change. 

The book ends in a mild cliffhanger. Not a Major I need the NEXT ONE RIGHT NOW, but one that leaves you wanting to find out what happens with these 2 people. Can Jeremy and Dylan get through all their ups and downs and put the pieces back together or not. We will have to wait and find out in book 2 

Title: Trials (Rock Bottom #2)
Author: Sarah Biermann
Genre: New Adult


"They think Jeremy murdered her."

Drugs pushed them away...will murder bring them together?

Since losing the rock star love of her life, Harvard Law student Dylan Ackhart is doing the best she can to move on. Now in her third and final year, she's doing well in school and just landed her dream internship in Boston's District Attorney's office. She keeps away from the news so she doesn't hear about Jeremy Mason- about his frequent parties, new women, and apparent drug use.

But when the body of a young girl is found in his home, suddenly Dylan and Jeremy are thrust together in the most difficult and awkward of circumstances. Dylan is forced to choose between the only man she ever loved and the only dream she ever wanted. Will she leave everything behind and be with Jeremy? Or will Jeremy find himself in more trouble than she can help him out of?

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I make a disgusted sound in my throat. “I am totally fucked up by what my mother did to me,” I say, still aghast at his reaction to my story.
    “Fucked up?” he questions, confused. “Why? Because you’re shy? Because you’re private? Because you don’t like to be vulnerable? Because you strive to achieve great things to prove you’re good enough to be worth something?”
    The way he instantly knows me makes me very uncomfortable. I freeze, wide eyed and unable to speak for a moment. How could he see me so clearly? How did this connection between us go so deeply? It was disturbing to me, the understanding between us. It’s deeper than even the physical pull between us, as if the air that separates our bodies is electrically charged. I had worked my whole life to push people away, building up this wall of protection. And yet here is this man, tearing it down and seeing who I am through all the bullshit. Maybe I'm not as good at hiding myself as I thought.
    “Yeah,” I finally muttered. “Those reasons are pretty much why.”
    “It makes you beautiful. The things you say it created in you... are what attract me to you in this unbelievable way. You’re timid, shy, brilliant, and completely unaware of how amazing you are.”
    I go statue still. My heart feels like it’s going to explode at his words. How did our conversation change course so quickly? I don’t know if I’m prepared for this. “Amazing?” I repeat in disbelief.
    He smiles a catlike smile, like he’s hunting again. Immediately, my breathing increases. “Oh yes. When I first saw your eyes from the stage,” he leans closer to me. I want to both back away and lean toward him at the same time. “I wanted to make them roll back into your head. I wanted to grab your round hips and pull you close to me.” He crouches on the couch, one leg on and one leg off, leaning over me. With his face against my cheek again, he whispers in my ear, “You. Are. Breathtaking.”

My 4.5 Star Review:

I was really excited about getting this book. I could not wait to see what was going to happen with Dylan and Jeremy. Sarah did not disappoint me at all.

I think I liked this one better than the first one in the series, Both Dylan and Jeremy have grown up a little.

 Dylan is moving through life trying to be happy since everything that happened with Jeremy in Book 1. She is in a relationship with Scott, She does love him, but it is in a totally different way then she loves Jeremy.  She is in her 3rd year of college with her law degree and just starting her internship with the District Attorney’s office. . Then a situation puts her back in Jeremy’s life.
I don’t want to ruin one ounce of this book for anyone, you need to get the full effect of it all to understand it all on your own.
I will say this it is not going to be an easy road for Dylan and Jeremy, there is a lot of things that come to the surface. Dylan is going to fight for what she feels is right. Jeremy is going to piss you off, maybe even Dylan will once or twice, BUT in the end it is all worth the pain, heartache, and love in between.

Although I wanted Dylan and Jeremy to finally get it together and have their HEA I have to admit I felt a little bit sorry for Scott. All that he had invested into his relationship with Dylan and he got nothing in return but heartache. I am kind of hoping that Sarah will do a spin off and give Scott the HEA that he rightfully deserves. 


Sarah Biermann, RN, BSN was born Wilmington, Delaware and grew up in Claymont. She attended Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington for high school, majoring in creative writing. She went on to Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA for her Associates Degree in Nursing. She recently graduated Drexel University with her BSN in nursing and is currently in their Masters program for nursing education. Sarah's nursing specialty is in drugs and alcohol detox and rehab.

Sarah has been married to her husband, Jon, for 8 years. She has two beautiful daughters: Anna, age 7, and Quinn, age 2. They live in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

She enjoys reading, singing, art, music, television, going to the movies, Hershey Park, and writing. "Tracks"- the first book in the "Rock Bottom" series- is her first book.

Sarah is currently working on the second book in the "Rock Bottom" series- titled "Trials"- coming soon.

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