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Blog Tour & Scavenger Hunt For Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick #8 ) By Kristen Ashley

Title: Rock Chick Revolution (Rock Chick, #8)
Author: Kristen Ashley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 13th, 2013


Ally Nightingale has secrets. Secrets she doesn't even share with the Rock Chicks. But two men know what she's up to. One has her back. The other has her heart, but he doesn't know it.

As Ally rewinds the last year of her life, she knows two things. One, she’s never going to get what every Rock Chick should have—her own Hot Bunch guy. And two, she’s a Nightingale through and through. She just isn’t sure what to do about that.

But as her secrets are revealed, the men in her life react. Darius Tucker, a lifelong friend, as usual takes her back. Ren Zano, the man she loves, isn’t quite so sure. The Rock Chicks, Hot Bunch and the entire gang at Fortnum’s weigh in, and a Rock Chick Revolution starts brewing.

It’s up to Ally to control it and prove what she knows down to her bones.

She’s a Rock Chick, she deserves her hot guy and she’s going to keep the one she wants…

Because she’s a Nightingale.

My Review: 

“My name is Allyson Nightingale, but everyone calls me Ally. And I’m a Rock Chick, in name and deed. … I worship at the shrine of Rock ‘n’ Roll and I live the rock star life, doing what I want when I want how I want.”

When Chas emailed me and asked me if I wanted to be part of the scavenger hunt and Review Rock Chick Revolution Before release I was Ecstatic! This is the first time since I started my Blog that I am officially doing something to help out Kristen and I feel very honored to be a part of this tour.

I started Reading Kristen’s work with the Dream Men Series . I soon came to the realization when I started the Rock Chick Series that Kristen was my all time favorite author. This woman has a writing style like nothing I have ever seen before. It is Unique, it is fun, she can truly pull it all off in one book or in this case one series.  If Kristen has written it I will read it, No matter what it is. I still have a couple of her series to read myself, but I am saving those for when I need a full blown Kristen Ashley Fix.

Ok Enough of my Hype about me getting this book before release, let’s get to this righteous review !!!!

Knowing that this is the last book in this series is tough, but I know that I always will have the books to fall back into anytime I need a Rock Chick fix. This series was my favorite from Kristen out of all the ones I have read. We got 8 Rock Chick woman and 8 Badass hot bunch men in this series, and it was a truly amazing series.  I have laughed, cried, felt my heart break and be put together by this bunch, been right in the middle of all of their ideas, Badassness, and so much more, and I am truly going to miss them all. Although it is hard to say good-bye to the Rock Chick Bunch, We all know we can re-read them at any time when we are missing the gang.  

I honestly don’t know if I have the right words to put into this review as this Series has been a HUGE success for Kristen and well we all know EVERYONE loves the Rock Chicks and their Badass Hot Bunch Men.  I sure do not want to go into details about any of the plot or how things might turn out. If you have followed this series from the beginning, then you need to FEEL this book just like I did, fully, and completely. God knows I think I have 95% of the book Highlighted and I would LOVE to share it with you But I refuse to ruin this for anyone.
With that said I will say this:

I truly Loved Ally, I have loved her since the beginning of this series and I am happy that she finally got her own Rock Chick Book and She helped this series go out with a Badass Bang for sure. She was total badass all the way through. She showed everyone how much she was Just like her father, brothers, and that what she does is in her blood.

“… the bottom line is, I love doing it. It’s in my blood. It’s me.”
“In one night, he made me believe in the modern-day fairytale I watched all my girls get, and he made me believe life had that in store for me. And he made me want it.”

Ren, what can I say I LOVED HIM, he might not be a part of the Hot Bunch But he has his own kind of hotness and badass of his own and he truly was awesome. He was not totally into what she wanted to do , but he understood and they talked things out. He did not just let her run off and do her thing without talking. He cared that much.  He understood what Ally needed and wanted and he chose to stand by her and give her what she ultimately wanted!

“You’ve got your way, the way you are and the way you are with the ones you care about. And that tells me, a man gets in there, you give that to him, the children you give him, that man will be all kinds of lucky. And I’ve decided we’re gonna see if that man is me.”

We got to see and learn what made these two click together so well. It was not an easy start at all, but I did not expect anything less. We get to see Ally and her brothers, and the bond they all truly have for each other. We get Mom and dad and see how much Ally truly means to them as well.

We leave her in your care, you better take that seriously.”“Are you kidding me?” I yelled before Ren could say a word, and Lee looked at me.“Ally, I’m your brother. Do you think I wouldn’t say anything?”“I’m thirty-two, not sixteen,” I retorted.“You’ll always be sixteen to me.”

We didn’t just get Ally, Ren and her family either, we got a little more of every Rock Chick and her Hot Man, we got some more story about Darius. (which you will LOVE) and I am pretty sure we will be getting more from Daruis as well.  We get to see Loyalty, family, friendship, and Love all rolled into one damn BADASS  book.  We get a sneak into a future series that is coming that I know I for one CAN NOT WAIT FOR !!!

ROCK ON !!!!!!!

Scavenger Hunt Info 

There will be a new stop on the tour each day. To grab your clues, just visit the sites on the Rock Chick Revolution blog tour to receive your clues. Each day will feature 3 blogs, with 3 different clues. The clues given by each of the blogs will help lead you to your next destination on the Rock Chick Road Tour. After you gather the clues and figure out where in Denver we are that day, just come back here and fill in your answer! Here

You can fill this form out once at the end of the scavenger hunt, with all 7 locations. Or you can fill it out each day using the appropriate entry boxes -- please put your name and email address on every entry. Either way you do , you'll get up to 7 entries into the contest. (If you fill out once at the end and fill out all 7 clues, you get 7 entries. If you fill out once per day, each day you get a grand total of 7 entries.)

Five winners will be randomly selected and shall win one of the following prizes:

Righteous Rock Chick Back Stage Pass (Grand Prize)
30 minute private – one-on-one Skype (video or text) chat with Kristen.
A signed copy of all 8 Rock Chick Books
Rebel Rock Chick VIP (2nd place)
A signed copy of Rock Chick Revolution
Rock Chick Groupies (3rd – 5th place)
An e-copy of Rock Chick Revolution for you or a friend.
Now, go forth and get ready to hit the road, Rock Chick style!

           Clue: You might be able to slash some tires with something purchased here

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Series Order :

Rock Chick
Rock Chick Rescue
Rock Chick Redemption
Rock Chick Renegade
Rock Chick Revenge
Rock Chick Reckoning
Rock Chick Regret
Rock Chick Revolution - release date August 13, 2013

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