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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Anything But Sweet by Candis Terry

Anything But Sweet
Sweet Texas Series
By: Candis Terry
Releasing June 25th, 2013

A man who doesn’t like change . . .
The Wilder family is something of a Sweet, TX institution: between their yearly BBQ blow-outs and their Hardware and Feed store, they’re an institution—an institution that ex-marine Reno Wilder has tried to preserve, in honor of his lost loved ones. But it seems like he’s the only one who’s got any respect left for traditions when a new TV makeover show rolls in to renovate Sweet to bring in more tourists. Everyone is pleased except Reno—and this cowboy is determined to keep everything just the way he likes it.

A woman who wants to change everything . . .
Inquisitive. Stubborn. Smart. Drop dead gorgeous. That would be makeover show host and designer, Charlotte Brooks—the woman Reno has declared war against. And yet, he can’t seem to keep away from her, or to get her off his mind. Charlotte isn’t afraid to back down from a challenge—of any kind—and she’s promised to prove to Reno that change can be sexy, hot, and very, very sweet, if Reno and Charli learn to let go of their pasts and grab hold of a future full of promise.

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My Review: 

This was a sweet read, I enjoyed it very much. A great story about a Man and a woman and living in a small close knit town. 

Reno Wilder Dislikes change , and he dislikes Charli the minute she rolls into his little town and wants to do some changes to the business’.  As time goes on we see that Charli is all about the heart of her changes and is not looking to do major changes, just some uplifting to some buildings in town to get more business for them.

She also wants to re-do the Hardware store in town which Reno Owns. Which he wants no part of her doing it. Will she get to do changes to the hardware store? Will Reno like these changes? Guess you will have to read it to find out.

The people in town love Charli and love what she is doing to the town, but Reno is stubborn and does not like any of it . Slowly she gets him to come around, and talk to her, and slowly things start to heat up between these two people.

The town people in this book are great, loveable character’s. I love Reno’s Mom and his brother’s as well.
This is the first book I have read By Candis Terry and I enjoyed it a lot .

I’m super excited to be here with you today! Please bear with me as I chat about one of my favorite subjects . . . music.

From the time I was a little kid (I was actually a child performer, sang in a rock band, and also worked in a recording studio) music has played a huge role in my life. My tastes are all over the place from classical to heavy metal.  But . . . for the life of me I can’t write a word if I have music playing. I’m deeply jealous of writers who can and do. With my musical history, why in the world can’t I focus on writing with music on in the background? As a mood setter, music plays a big part in my books. I have writer friends who have an entire list of songs on their iPods that they listen to while they’re writing the book! I’m chartreuse with envy!
It took me a while to figure out the problem. The thing I realized is that when I’m writing, the hero and the heroine (or whoever is in the scene) are in the forefront of my concentration. I see them in the scene. I see everything around them. And when I hear the music in that scene I hear it through their ears. If I put on the radio or iPod I hear it through my ears.
Now, before you go thinking I’m crazy (even though I kinda am) let me explain what I mean. It’s like if you were watching a movie and then someone turned on a stereo to full blast. It interferes with the image, the mood, the results. In my head I don’t have to worry about turning down the sound or changing the record. So the characters can talk low or lean in close to be heard.
On my website I have a playlist for each book. But I thought I’d list the playlist from ANYTHING BUT SWEET here so you can see what kind of songs I hear in my head while I’m writing.

The Man in Love With You—George Strait
Somethin’ Bout a Truck—Kip Moore
Sideways—Dierks Bentley
Country Girl Shake It For Me—Luke Bryan
I Love This Bar—Toby Keith
Over—Blake Shelton
Whiskey Bent—Hank Williams Jr.
Kiss Me When You’re Drunk—Jake Owen
Drink In My Hand—Eric Church
She’s Country—Jason Aldean
American Saturday Night—Brad Paisley
All I Ever Wanted—Chuck Wicks
Guitars, Cadillacs—Dwight Yokum
Ticks—Brad Paisley

Do you like it when songs are mentioned in books? Or do you prefer to imagine your own?

Author Info
Candis Terry was born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California and now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers. Only one thing has remained the same: her passion for writing stories about relationships, the push and pull in the search for love, and the security one finds in their own happily ever after.

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*Prize will be given away after the end of the tour and will include:

Black and White Striped Summer Tote Bag, "Cooking with Love" Heart-Shaped Baking Set, Red Heart-Shaped Alabaster Paperweight, Signed copies of Anything But SweetSecond Chance at the Sugar ShackAny Given ChristmasSomebody Like YouFor Love and Honor, and Crazy Sweet Fine.


  1. Thanks go much for the giveaway! :)

    1. My pleasure Christina. I love giveaways and do them often. So check back with my website once in awhile.

  2. thank you for the giveaway! for the author i always like to know how each individual deals with writers block, so for candis that would be my question. thank you

    1. Hi Christina!

      Writer's block is a nasty little devil. And yep, we all get it. The way I try to overcome it is to walk away from the keyboard and clear my head to make way for the muse to (hopefully) drop in. I either take a walk around my property (I have five acres and a really cool country garden) or I take a shower. I don't know why but a shower always relaxes me and opens up my imagination. After a couple of minutes I find my mind has opened up and the characters start speaking to me again. With any luck.

      Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. both sometimes its nice to hear a familiar song that know and others its good to try to think what song you would put there

  4. I like when songs are mentioned, especially country songs! Great list you have there! :)

    1. Hi Sharlene! While I love nothing more than to hear Freddie Mercury belt out Bohemian Rhapsody (and sing along) when I'm writing I really hear country music. Most of the songs have so much meaning.

  5. Good morning! And thank you for hosting my tour today!

    Sorry to be dropping in so late, I've been working on Jesse Wilder all morning. Whew! Not complaining though. :)

    If you have any questions ask away!

    1. Thanks for letting me Host you. I am so glad you stopped in to answer questions for the member's :) Thank you Candis <3

  6. I love to read when songs are named in books. It makes me feel closer to both the author and characters in the book. Thanks so much for the giveaway and here's to many future sales.