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Book Review Saved (Wanted, #2) by Kelly Elliott

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Who ends a book like that ? Ohh wait Kelly Elliott does , Damn woman that was no epilogue that was the worse Teaser this side of the USA .. I don’t even know how the heck that all happened .

I’m going to keep this simple on my thoughts because I sure do not want to spoil this book for anyone . You have to read it totally spoil free in order to get the full effect of the complete story and ever person in it.

I loved Wanted and Saved was one hundred times better in my opinion. We got to know EVERYONE all over again and move through life with them ALL . I love this group of friends , they Put a whole new meaning on a close knit bunch .

We started out Saved right where Wanted ended with Jeff and Ari . Their story was not all roses and chocolate like Gunner and Ellie’s was . Theirs was more like Hard Roller coaster ride . Between Them and Gunner and Ellie and then Heather and Josh . Holy CRAP-TASTIC it was a hell of a ride .

“God, Ari…I love you so much, baby. I hope that I’ve only just started making your dreams come true.”

It was great to have Gunner, Ellies, Heather & Josh's POV's along the way. Makes for a great story. Along with Ari’s and Jeff’s POV .

I LOVE Ari , her sarcasm just makes me laugh so much , She is not afraid to give what for or to tell you exactly how she feels . She holds nothing back at all .

Jeff , so gentle I loved him , and felt for him but other times I wanted to strangle him and his way of thinking.

I loved having Gunner and Ellie in this book and seeing them move through life after their wedding and honeymoon.

My God I absolutely LOVED Matty , that little Boy had me laughing my butt off everytime he opened his mouth “ ASSMOLE “ all time favorite and definitely a new word I will be using a lot of .

So much crying in this story but I can understand what with all the hormones flying around. One minute they are laughing their butts off and the next minute they are balling their eyes out lol .

“You literally saved me Arianna.”

Josh and Heather OMG , talk about another Ari & Jeff . they are worse then Ari and Jeff were in wanted . The storyline is Great though don’t get me wrong , but jesus how many times can you hurt someone or yourself before you realize your meant to be together

That epilogue was no dang epilogue it was a major WTF just happened , and Who the hell is Victoria ????? I can NOT WAIT for Faithful . I truly hope that Heather gets her HEA.

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