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My Review of This is Me by Sarah Ann Walker

THIS is me... (I am HER..,#2)THIS is me... by Sarah Ann Walker



The tragic conclusion to 'I am HER...'

She has a name. She has a past and she has a history. 
She knows who she is. And she knows who she wanted to be. 
She knows the way to all she ever wanted, but she knows she can't change the past that destroyed her. 

"I swear I'm here, but I'm not. I swear I can feel, but I don't. 
I swear I hear people, but I'm all alone. 
Where am I? What have I done?" 

If everything you knew was nothing you know, how do you begin to live again? 
When beautiful dreams surround you but darkness consumes you, how do you begin to live anew? 

"After I exhale, I turn to my empty room once again.
In the silence that follows my tears, I am washed in clarity.
I am NOT her. THIS is me..."

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 Full 8 STAR, (YES I Said 8 Stars) Review now posted !!!!!!

I will start by saying if you have not read I am HER then DO NOT read this book yet. YOU MUST read I am HER before you read this is ME otherwise you will not fully understand all of what you are about to read.

This is the conclusion to I am HER. When I read I am HER I was left broken, devastated, completely gutted and full of so many other emotions. Suzanne’s story is still so fresh in my mind. This is the first book that has ever brought out every single emotion in me at one time. When I finished I am HER I had no idea at the time that Sarah was going to be writing another one with the conclusion of Suzanne. To say I was happy when I found out is not true I was freaking SCARED!!!! I had no idea where Sarah was going to go with This is Me and I was literally on pins and needles waiting to find out.

LOVED.EVERY.Single.Minute.Of.It. I cried, I held my breath, I screamed at my kindle, I felt every single emotional all over again with this amazing conclusion to Suzanne’s story.

“What am I recovering from? What happened to me?”

This is Me picks up right where I am HER left off. We are immediately thrown back into the crazy Life of Suzanne and her head. Now Suzanne must figure out who the voices are, they sound familiar but their faces do not. Sarah I honestly do not know how you did it but you brought us one hell of a conclusion to Suzanne’s story. It’s dark, raw, gritty, super emotional and just when you think Suzanne might finally get some sort of a break you get thrown with a curveball you did not see coming.

This is Me is about Suzanne, but more so about Z, Mack, and both New York Kayla & Chicago Kayla.

The way that Mack, who I absolutely LOVED how he sticks by Suzanne through everything she has been through and everything she continues to work through in this story is simply AMAZING… Everyone needs a Mack in their life.

“Everything with Suzanne is just so hard all the time. Being with Suzanne is just exhausting.”

The two Kayla’s with friends like them to stick by you anything in your life is possible. I LOVE how they pulled together to see and help Suzanne through everything.

Z this is no words to describe this man, he is truly one remarkable man. He is sweet; he is caring, loving, thoughtful, and an all-around truly amazing man.

Marcus…… I don’t even want to discuss that individual…….

I got so many answers in this conclusion that I felt like I was truly inside of Suzanne’s head on more than one occasion. I felt like I was right there going through it all with her, and let me tell you it was no easy road for her. I was scared reading this and wondering where Sarah was going to go with this conclusion. On more than one instance I was holding my breath while turning a page because I thought for sure something terrible was coming.

There were definitely moments when I had to stop and catch my breath. There were moments when I had to stop reading completely because I could not see through my own tears. My heart did break, but it was also put back together by the end. The pain and healing that Suzanne went through will forever be etched in my brain.

”I’m going to forget the monsters, and I’m going to love the angels instead.”

Sarah has done in absolutely amazing job of bringing Suzanne’s story to a conclusion. This is definitely not a hearts and flowers type of read. It is Dark, it is intense. It is truly like nothing I have ever read before. Suzanne’s story will stick with me for the rest of my life.
I cannot wait to see what Sarah comes up with next. I know I will anxiously be waiting to see where her next project takes me.

“I want a happily ever after. Everyone wants a happily ever after…No one wants the ending to feel worse than the horrific journey to get there.”

This is by far one of my favorite Dark story of the year. If you have not read I am HER and This is ME I suggest you do you truly will not be disappointed.

My Review of I am HER 

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