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Darkness Deserved by Jessica Spoon


Harper Reagan has been through everything a woman could possibly go through. Losing her parents and entering foster care, only to be abused by her foster father. Running away at fifteen, she enters the world’s oldest profession to survive. And survive she did. 
If you call abuse, counted as property and tortured to no end surviving then that was what she did…survived. Her life was spared, but at what cost. Long ago Harper had died. Today, due to those decisions she made, she is left existing with no choice to do anything else. Staring the devil in the face daily for as long as she did, left its mark and pain behind for her to live with forever.
The pain of that survival scars her deeper than any physical wound she's ever received. 
Harper is finally living a better life and has a great business, friends, and a home finally her own. She will do anything to keep her past hidden, including jeopardizing her only chance at love and a truly good man.
Breccan Caldwell is everything Harper doesn't deserve. He's gorgeous, successful, caring and a true gentleman.
Can Breccan show Harper who she truly is? Or will he be pushed out by the darkness she allows herself to be consumed with?


“Don’t call me that! What does that even mean? I don’t want you here! We’re done! Get-” He cuts me off as he forcefully grabs me and yanks me towards him and shoves his tongue in my mouth. He is squeezing me so tight it’s nearly painful. I refuse to kiss him back. Don’t do it Harper. Don’t! Be strong! He kisses me harder and I refuse to return it. He reaches down and grabs my legs, then wraps them around his waist. What is with this guy and constantly wrapping me around him? Oh, shit. He’s gonna slam me into the wall again! He quickly drops to his knees and then lowers me forcefully to the floor. He grinds his hips into me and I feel his erection on my stomach. Oh. My. God. I know I’m not gonna be able to hold out much longer. I start to push him away. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My brain is telling me to, but my body just wants to conform to his. And the son of a bitch knows it.
I’m pushing on his chest as hard as I can until he grabs my wrists and forces them above my head. He’s stretched out above me. And quite honestly, it’s the sexiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. He continues to kiss me and I continue to refuse to reciprocate. He grinds his hips into me again. His mouth moves from mine and trails down my jaw to my ear where he nibbles on my earlobe. He continues down my neck until he gets to the nook where it reaches my shoulder and he bites down. Hard. God, how does that feel so good? I swear I about come in my pants from it. I can’t stop the moan that escapes my lips.
“There’s my dove.” He whispers into my ear before coming back to my mouth.

My Review: 

5 AMAZING Intense, Dark, Painful, Heartbreaking ,loving Stars !!!!!!! 

This is an Amazing debut novel from Jessica Spoon, It is Dark I will not lie. This book was so raw, intense, A mind F*ck for sure.  
This is not your normal fall in love, happily ever after kind of story. This is a dark, raw, very intense book.
Yes I know I have said that it is intense more then once, you need to understand that before you jump into this book.
Harper Reagan has been through everything a woman could possibly go through. Losing her parents and entering foster care, only to be abused by her foster father. Running away at fifteen, she enters the world’s oldest profession to survive. And survive she did.
Harper God I feel her pain, with every single flash back and nightmare she has I was right there with her.  I was cringing while reading parts of her story. She has been through a lot of darkness in her life for sure, But she has also been saved.
After a rough night, Harper is finally saved by Nikko. Nikko has been looking for her for yrs. I won’t tell you who Nikko is I will let you find out for yourself, but know he does save her.
After all Harper has been through she finally gets her life on track and hides from her past daily. She still is haunted nightly in her dreams by her dark past, and dark it sure was.   She stays private, out of the eyes of the public to an extent. She has built a life in a new place.  She has a bar, lives in an upscale Penthouse/ condo , she buys anything she wants after not having nothing when she was younger.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye one day when one day the hot Adonis Breccan Cladwell comes walking into her bar and their eyes meet.

Breccan is hot, sexy, has beautiful eyes and  a to die for smile.  He is every woman’s dream , but he is to risky for Harper as he is famous. He is always in the spotlight, and camera’s follow him. She tries her hardest to resist him, but he is not taking no for an answer.  He even resorts to stalking her. He pushes her and she finally gives in and decides to see where things go, but wants to keep things private so news does not get out about her anywhere.
Breccan is understanding to a point, but soon they are fighting , arguing, and Harper is constantly trying to run from him and her feelings.  When they fight and argue it is intense, but the making up and sex after is mind blowing for sure.

I don’t want to go into any more details then I have as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but I will leave you with this.
NOTE* this  does have a cliffhanger, Not a OMG what did you do and why did you leave me like this , but it has a pretty good one. As far as I know she is looking at September for Book #2 and there will be a Book #3.
Jessica you knocked it out of the park as far as I am concerned for a debut Novel. This book is intense, raw, mind blowing, but there is love also. I can not wait for book #2 and to see where things go for Harper and Breccan. Please for the LOVE of god let him tell her why he calls her Dove and what it means !!!!!!!   I hope when all is said and done they do get their HEA in the end. Harper truly deserves it.


Jessica grew up in a small town in Southern Iowa. She went to nursing school and became a nurse only to realize her passion was in writing and reading. She loves to spend her time with friends and is very close with her family. It took her a long time to realize she even had a joy of reading. Once having declared there was no point when the books always became movies. At twenty four she discovered how wrong she was and became obsessed with reading and made up for lost time by doing it non stop. She began writing when dozens of ideas kept flowing through her mind that she knew she had to get out.
Darkness Deserved is book 1 of the Shattering The Darkness Series and will be released July 23, 2013. Darkness Found and Darkness Ascends will follow at a later date.

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