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Book Review - Own the Wind (Chaos, #1) by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

10 Freaking Stars KA has done it again . I Freaking LOVED this book ...

Once again KA has done it with another book . I had no doubt in my mind that this book would ROCK , but I will say it ROCKED way more than I thought it would . This book was ABSO-LUTELY-FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC ….

I am pretty sure I have 85% of the book highlighted. I mean she really laid down the smack down with this one and the verbal back and forth was AMAZINGBALLS … in true biker style .

I will say this if you have not read the Dream Man series , you should before you read this one , because this one branches off of that series and in order to get the full effect and get all squishy and lovey , from the Cameo’s you need to read that series , so when the men and woman from the Dream Series make appearances you can truly appreciate the book fully.

Tabby is the daughter of the Motorcycle club Own Tack, and Shy is a Brother in that club. As anyone who knows anything about biker clubs, daughter’s are off limits . Shy and Tabby have always been friends , but what Shy does not know is that Tabby has had a crush on him for a longtime , and what Tabby does not know is that Shy has been crushing on her for the last 4 yrs . He still had the taste of her on his tongue from one kiss ( total swoon moment there )

"I had a taste of you four years ago that I could never get off my tongue. Now, I've tasted more of you with more than just my mouth and I know I wanna keep it in a way I don't want to think of it bein' done. Not in a few weeks. Not in a few months. Maybe not ever"

Parker “Shy” Cage , just his name is amazing in itself, but add to that biker attitude , a little romance , and a whole lotta looking out for and protecting and he is AMAZINGBALLS ….

Shy see’s Tabby going down a road she should not be going and he decides to step in and try to guide her away from her path that she is on. What he did not do was think before he decided to do what he did and it did not go so well for him . Tabby in turn being hurt deeply by him , stayed clear of him as much as she could .

When tragedy strikes Tabby, Shy steps in to help her heal and becomes her friend and shoulder to lean on . he helps her to heal and become herself again. ( no no one major dies )

"You need a safe place to just forget shit and escape, I'll give it to you. Tonight. Tomorrow. Next week. Next month. That safe place is me, Tabby.""

They go through some ups and downs and ins and outs, but once they become a couple it is Amazing from then on out with them together. Shy owned up to his screw –ups apologized and they moved on , It was awesome how well these two are fit for each other .

I LOVED this story , it has so much hotness to it, protectiveness , Love, & emotions. The Epilogue was there , although not as long as what KA usually does , but I was very happy with the end of this book and I know we will hear from Shy and Tabby in the rest of this series . I can not wait to see where it goes with Hop and Lanie in the next book .

These are some more of the quotes I LOVED in this book , but not all of them or My whole book would be a review lol .

"Promise me right now, my d*** still inside you, you naked on top of me in my bed, sharing what we just shared, us having a taste of what it's like apart and knowin' were better together, you won't leave me.... You'll stick with me until there's nothing to stick to, if that ever happens.""

"May feel like you're fallin', Tabby, but remember, I'm at the bottom ready to catch you."

“ I have never, not once, not in my life, made love to any woman. Not once. Not until what I just did with you .”

"Shy, she's yours... Control your woman," High demanded. "Get her a** out."
My eyes went to Shy to see him looking at High, and he wasn't looking pissed.
He was looking reflective.
Then he said, "Tab and I don't play it that way. You wanna order your old lady around, do what you do, not for me to say. I asked her to go, she didn't go. Not gonna make her. But you try, you'll deal with me.""

“I dreamed a dream, Shy.”
“You’ll dream more dreams, baby.”
“I’ll never dream,” she whispered, her voice lost, tragic. “We’ll get you to a dream, honey,” he promised, pulling her closer.

“ I dreamed a dream when I was sixteen and here I am, standing with my dream, feeling it come real.’

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