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Book Review - Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3) by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW , amazing how you can finish a book and want WAYYY MORE OF Ty and Lex . KA has done it again and this one to me topped them ALL so far I do believe .

Ty Walker was wrongly imprisoned and for the five years he was inside, he honed his plan so when he gets out, he has nothing but vengeance on his mind.

But then he walks straight to stylish, leggy, beautiful, goofy Lexie Berry and he suddenly has something else to think about. He knows within seconds he wants her and within days he can love her but with the filth that was flung at him clinging; he also knows he can’t have her.

Since birth, Lexie Berry has been Lady Luck’s favorite toy and because of that, Lexie is cautious. But within a day, she senses Ty is something special. With her luck, however, she can’t trust it. Then she finds out what was done to Ty and she’s willing to do anything to make it right.

Even what Ty will never forgive her for doing.

Ty clings to vengeance and Lexie goes all out to give him back the time he lost. But Ty is battling demons within and they’re up against dirty cops and criminals who will stop at nothing to sway Lady Luck against them. All Ty and Lexie have is hope Lady Luck will finally swing their way.

I love the Plot of this story line, because honestly this kinda thing everyday in out world . Men are sent to prison for something they did not do and are dealt with things outta their control all the time .
to sit in a jail cell for 5 yrs and do nothing but plan out your vengeance is not unheard of at all . I truly felt for Ty going through that .

Ty is just amazing. I am totally in love with this man. And MAN being the word, that he is. God, beautiful man... He Had me right from the moment he walked outta that prison and asked for the keys to the car. Bold, in charge nothing held back with this Alpha Male ... I knew from the get go I was gonna LOVE this man . The diamonds right of the bat, the sweet little note left on the pillow, right down to the sweet little calling Lex mamma .. I was melting and melting bad ..

My Ty

their sex scenes OMG Wanted more and more and more .........

“<…>"No, Ty, you drew it when one second you had your tongue in my mouth, your hands on me and me on my back in your bed and swear to God, swear to God, that was all you had to do, I was this close," she lifted a hand and held her thumb and forefinger an inch apart, "to climax just with that and the next second you took it all away from me. All of it and you fucking know exactly what I'm talking about because the next second I was standing on my feet, you were two feet away but you might as well still have been in fucking California and then I watched you shut down."<…>”

Lexie had it rough growing up...quite honestly she had it rough up until she met Ty Walker! Even having it as rough as she did and Lady Luck slapping her wrist every time she tries to reach for something good she was still a beautiful woman and I'm not talking about her appearance. She had the inner beauty of an angel, the inner beauty of a person anyone would be lucky to have in their life! The moment she met Ty she knew she was all in and there was nothing going to hold her back from that hunk of a man .

My Lexie

“Right. Love you, Ty."
"Done to my bones, mama, right back at you.”

I absolutely LOVED this epilogue .. It truly made my heart melt and it was sooo long I loved, loved , loved it ......

If you have not read this you need to , you need to see how much Ty has and How much Lex has to offer .. it truly is an amazing read .... KA knocked it out again with the Male alpha and she did it fantastically ..........

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