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Book Review - Light in the Shadows (Find You in the Dark, #2) by A. Meredith Walters

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I fell in love with Maggie and Clay in Finding You in the Dark. As dysfunctional as I thought they were, I knew they would over come their shadows and there would be a light at the end of their tunnel .

This Book Was Incredible , It gave Maggie and Clay their light at the end of the tunnel and I enjoyed the journey to that light with them both.

This was one hell of a bumpy road , but it was also the most amazing journey I had ever been on with a book series . The healing, the trying to cope in the outside world, the recovery. It was amazing.

Clay , he was amazing, He loved Maggie with his whole heart, and he fought for that love by working to fix "himself" . As much as he felt like giving in so many times , he knew that he wanted that Happiness at the end of the tunnel with Maggie and by jesus he fought for it all the way to the end .

Maggie , I loved her I truly did , a couple times I will admit she did tick me off , with the whole (are you taking your meds) every time Clay had a moment, But as I read more of the story I understood where she was coming from and I understood that she had to re-build that trust that she had in Clay . The fact that she stood by him through it all Just swooned my heart for both of them completely. I loved watching them both work through things "together" , that in itself was amazing and showed truly how much she loved Clay with all her heart, and just how much Clay truly loved her.

"For a guy who struggled with finding his place in the world, standing next to Maggie, I understood one thing on a very fundamental level. Wherever she went, whatever she did, that is where I belonged."

Book Blurb:

How do you keep going when you feel like your life is over?

Maggie never thought she’d see Clay again. So, she attempts to put her life back together after her heart has been shattered to pieces. Moving on and moving forward, just as Clay wanted her to.

Clay never stopped thinking of Maggie. Even after ripping their lives apart and leaving her behind to get the help he so desperately needed. He is healing...slowly. But his heart still belongs to the girl who tried to save him.

When a sudden tragedy brings Maggie and Clay face to face again, nothing is the same. Yet some things never change. Can the darkness that threatened to consume them be transformed into something else and finally give them what they always wanted? And can two people who fought so hard to be together, finally find their happiness? Or will their demons and fear drive them apart for good?

The thing about love, is even when it destroys you, it has a way of mending what is broken. And in the shadows, you can still see the light

There is an Epilogue I cried my way through it, I was hanging onto every last word and I wanted more of Clay and Maggie, they do get their happy ending and it is the most amazing one . I loved every word of it all the way to the end.

"God I loved her... She was everything I wanted in my life but was still unsure I deserved... I wanted this. And I wanted to run from it. I wanted to pull her in and never let go. I wanted to push her away... I wanted to taste her skin and feel her heart beat beneath my lips."

This was the most amazing journey I have ever been on in a book series, The author did an upstanding job of bringing these two characters to life in this series. You literally feel every emotion with them through the whole ride.

If you have not read this series yet , you don't know what you are missing . Hands down one of the best series ever .

"You are everything good in my life. Even when I had thought all I had was the darkness... you gave me something to live for."

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