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Book Review - Nets and Lies by Katie Ashley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this from Katie in return for an honest review :
Katie told me that she wrote this book based of a rape scandal that had happened in an area she use to live in . I don’t know any more details then that . So with that said here is my input on this story .

Always awkward in her 5’10 frame, Melanie Reeves finds her saving grace through basketball. Not only is she the varsity team captain, she’s the pride of Coach Thompson, who holds the keys to a college scholarship. Melanie has also found 'courtly' love with Will, Coach T's handsome, ball-playing son. When Melanie is on the court, everything is perfect....until she is forced to face an opponent who doesn't play by the rules.

Jordan Solano's power lies in her beauty and sex appeal. Never afraid of breaking the rules, she engages in a scandalous flirtation with the school's married basketball coach. But the flirtation quickly turns into accusation, and Coach T's job and reputation are placed in jeopardy after Jordan charges him with rape. Jordan's own reputation has the school administration unwilling to believe her. That is, until she makes a startling claim - she's not the only victim.

Suddenly, all eyes are on Melanie, and it isn't for her amazing free-throws. A man's job, a girl's reputation, and her boyfriend's entire world now rest in Melanie's hands. She has to decide: keep her secrets and protect her future, or put an end to the lies...and lose everything.

This is a story of heartache , sex abuse, and the story of a girl who was raped . Melanie was the captain of her basketball team , she was friends with everyone in school , her team mates all looked up to her . Her coach was the best coach in the world in her eyes and he was also her boyfriends father . She was living the life and the dreams of all girls her age at 17 yrs old . Then one day her life was shattered when her coach that she looked up to did the un thinkable and raped her .

Jordan , known as the school slut to most, always in trouble , would sleep with any guy for sex and never had a true “ relationship “ with any man .. She had been having an Affair with Coach Thompson for months . One night this all changed , When going to meet Coach Thompson for their normal Monday night hook up , she see’s Melanie come out of the school a mess, Messy hair, Makeup smudged , Melanie gets in her car and leaves . Jordan gets the signal from coach that all is clear to come in . When she goes in she finds coach sitting with his head in his hands . He proceeds to tell her that they can’t do this no more , it was a mistake , he needs to stop the affair . She tells him she loves him . Jordan instantly thinks he is seeing someone else . Then she finds Melanies Panties in his futon , She starts yelling your sleeping with Melanie , he denies this . She tells him she will go to the principal and ruin him . it All goes down from their for Jordan .

Coach Thompson respected by all in the school and the athletic team , father, husband. He does the unthinkable one night and rapes his son’s girlfriend , the captain of his Basketball team Melanie . After he does he tells her he is sorry , he don’t know what got into him . tells her she better not tell anyone , etc , It will ruin Will her boyfriend, her team , no one will believe her .

Things spiral outta control from there . Jordan goes home and tells her mom what happened with coach , her mom gets her to concoct a story that the coach raped her and to make him pay for what he did to her .. After facing the principal and everyone at school who do not believe her Jordan does the unthinkable , she tells the principal and everyone else that she was not the only one and tells them that Melanie was a victim of coach’s also . Even though she has no clue that Melanie truly was a victim too .

Jordan is now faced with everyone hating her, telling her she is a lying whore , she goes into the bathroom at school and in there she finds Melanie , after talking to Melanie and discovering that Melanie truly was raped . Jordan is sorry she ever opened her mouth and said she was, but wants her to tell the truth … Jordan ends up leaving school and being enrolled in a new school .

After Melanie gets home she starts one lie after another . and does not tell anyone . including her Boyfriend Will . Until she has A Break down a week later and she confesses to Will that she was raped and that his father was the one who did it .

I don’t want to give it all away for readers . So I will say this Jordan works on getting her act together after she meets a guy named Nick at work . I think Jordan working on redeeming herself was a Big step for her . and I love where the book ended with her .

Coach Thompson , well he gets what is coming to him , I think readers will like the outcome as far as he is concerned .

Melanie starts to heal , with her families help , Will who is amazing and NEVER leaves her side , and her Therapist . this is an amazing girl and I truly believe she will heal from what happened to her .

Katie Thank you for the chance to read this book . I hope that others will enjoy this book even though it touches on a tough subject .

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