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Book Review - Brave Girl (Girl Series #2) by Kate Baum

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kate has not disappointed again . What a GREAT story !!!!

Brave Girl is the second Book in the Girls Series. The Girl series started with Nice Girl.

This is the story of 4 best friends Grace( who was in Nice Girl) Janie, Eve, & Dee who have grown up together, They went off to college going there separate ways but always maintained contact through Skype at least once a week. They spent their summers together working in the same area in their home towns. This was their last summer together before they all went their separate ways again.

As they spend their last nights together they sit and talk about what else but sex and orgasms and discover they never felt what a true orgasm was. (The last pact they made was to lose their virginity which they all did in their sophmore yr of college), so this time around They make a orgasm pact.

In Brave Girl we meet and follow Eve on her Journey. She applied through her Career Advisor to go to South Dakota for 5 yrs through an ICE program, Indigenous Culture for Education, She is going to be the School Librarian On an American Indian Reservation.

Once there she learns that she will be rooming with 3 other girls. They are different girls, but they all seem to get along great the more they get to know each other , become close friends as well.

They all 4 are dealt with a lot of hostility from the Principal at the school and it seems the people on the reservation has reservations about them as well. They even get issues from the local sheriff and his deputies.

As time goes on Eve and the girls discover that the last set of teachers that where there , did not leave a good impression and were actually sent away. Will fear of the all being sent away they all agree to just work their best and do what they went there to do.

Lou Red Wolf he is suppose to be in line to someday be the Chief of the Reservation, His mother nor the people of the tribe let him forget this . His mother is constantly putting Indian woman in front of him hoping he chooses one to be his wife, so that when he becomes chief he has a wife. When he discovers that one of the new teachers brought to the reservation is an Irish, Beautiful red head , he does not care what anyone thinks or how they will react. He is determined to explore his feelings for her, as thoughts of her continuously consume his mind.

“ I've never had a woman fascinate me like you do. I crave you like hunger or thirst.”

I loved this book. I loved how the $ girls dealt with the animosity, the anger, the dislike from everyone there. they kept their heads held High and did what they were sent there to do.

the relationship that built between Lou and Eve was awesome, I love how it was a built up and not something they just jumped right into.

I love the connection they made with the people in the tribe and how The people started to finally see that these 4 girls were nothing like the last ones that where there.

If you have not read this series you MUST . It definitely is worth it. Kate does an Amazing job of writing this series and brings the story to life. He writing Just flows awesome through the story.

Thank you Kate for providing me with a copy and asking me to read and review it . I can not wait for Janie's story next :)

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