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Book Review- It All Started With a Lima Bean by Kimi Flores

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVED this story....

I took a chance and added this to my TBR list a few months back. I took a greater chance today pulling it up on my kindle to read it. Man am I glad that I did. This book is beautiful. It is not often you get a book where one of your main characters is a widow and a dad. It is not often you find a book where you truly LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE HEROINE!!!! This book has it all.

This story is about two people who with a little encouragement from those around them get a chance at love.

I LOVED Abby, she was strong, she was cute, she was so amazing. Her whole attitude throughout the book was amazing. She had so much compassion.

Caleb, swoon worthy, totally melted my heart from page one. He and his daughter Madison (who I absolutely ADORED) first meet Abby at school where she is going to be Madison's Kindergarten teacher.

What I actually LOVED the most about this story was the build up of their relationship and it did not even involve sex. YUP you heard me throughout this entire book they did not have sex once, but you know what Even though I love a good sex scene in a book this one was beautiful without it.

Caleb and Abby get to know each other, they take Madison into consideration with all their choices they make.

This book is definitely high on my Favorite list of reads. It was sweet, emotional, and truly made me feel like I was right their within the story. If your looking for an amazing read and an Awesome HEA then I would suggest this book to you !!!!!

I can not wait for the next book in this series with Abby’s best friend Leah and Caleb’s cousin Stefen.

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