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Book Review- Wethering The Storm (The Storm, #2) by Samantha Towle

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“There is no one else for me. I begin and end with you.”

Who does not love a great Rock Star story? This story was so much more then a simple Rock Star story. It was about friends who met when they were younger, became friends and felt an instant connection to each other and then lost touch for many years.

“There isn’t anything I won’t do for you, Tru. Nothing I won’t do to make you happy. What I feel for you… it’s limitless. There is nothing before or after you. There is only you.”

This one picks up about a week after The Mighty Storm ends. Tru and Jake are engaged and away spending some intimate time together loving and talking. That is until Jake is needed back in LA.

“You don't complete me, Tru. You make me who I am. You make me better. I'd be nothing without you. NOTHING. I've been there once before, and I'm never going back. I'm never losing you again.”

We get to see how much Jake and Tru love each other, But we also get to see them work through all the past insecurities and work through so much together. Jake is fighting the urge to use again He truly does not want to lose Tru again.

“I love how music can elicit memories. And I love how even now it still binds Jake and me together. It’s our connection. It’s how we talk.”

The best part about this book is knowing that these two truly love each other. They have a bumpy road ahead of them, but they work through their insecurities beautifully in this book.

without giving away to much of the plot to this great story. I will say I laughed, I cried, I held my breath, but in the end I was smiling so much. This is one journey that you will not want to miss.

The wait for this book was truly worth it. I absolutely loved this series and the love story between Jake and Tru. Prepare to fall in love with Jake all over again.

“The girl who, twenty-four years ago to the day, stepped into my life with her big brown eyes, her hair in pigtails, sucking on a lollipop as she stared across at me through the garden fence and said, “I’m Trudy, you want a lollipop?” I let out a laugh as tears fill my eyes, realizing today’s date is August 31. The day Jake and I met.”

“And when our kids grow up and ask about the story of Mummy and Daddy – how we met and how the Might Storm came to be – I’ll sit them down and tell them the story of how, once upon a long time ago, in Manchester, a girl moved next door to a boy.”

"There is NO one else FOR me. I BEGIN and END with you."

I can not wait for Tom's Book !!!!!

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