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Book Review - Sweet Ride (Ride, #2) by Maegan Lynn Moores

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

HOLY FREAKING Swooning Jack De Luca Right now ….HOLY S*** Batman he is one STEAMING HOT ALPHA MAN, Protector, Cop, Sex GOD !!!!!!

This book was better than the last one for sure. In the first one we met Jack and Payton , Payton is Ella’s Best friend and Jack well he was a Undercover cop who ticked Payton off and she cut him outta her life.

Two yrs later we are getting the full effect these 2 people have on each other when Jack and Payton see each other for the first time in 2 yrs. Let me just tell you there is some MAJORLY HOT Chemistry between these two people and It will leave you HOT AND BOTHERED !!!!!

“You are my everything,” my lips glide along her mouth. “ Without you, I am nothing.” Her tongue lashes out, nervously licking her lower lip. I place a soft kiss on that exact spot and say, “I love you, beautiful.”

Without giving to much away so you all can enjoy the full benefit of this great story , I will say that we learn all there is to know about Jack and Payton in this book. We learn also how much they truly need each other as well. We see first hand how they have missed each other for 2 long yrs.

“When I first saw you, I wanted to kiss you. When I first kissed you, I wanted to claim you. When I first claimed you, I wanted to love you. I have fallen so deeply in love with you, I’ll never be the same man again. You have effectively ruined me.” <<<<< SEE TOTAL SWOONING !!!! JACK F****** DE LUCA

There is some MAJOR heavy Sex scenes with these two. There are some twists and turns to a plot and you will be going WTH did I just read . Then you will be like that RAT BASTARD !!!!!!

We get a glimpse of the next story and I cannot wait for Evan and Cade…. I am sure they will be as great as the rest so far.

Thank you Maegan for the opportunity to read and review this for you

Book Blurb:
Appearances can be deceiving.

Payton Clare, the easy-going, fun-loving party girl, moves to Del Mar, California to be closer to her best friend. No one knows that a violent act in her past has left her damaged beyond repair.

She finds it hard to trust men, especially Jack De Luca, the badass, motorcycle-riding, undercover cop who had the potential to turn into something more. Jack’s been absent from her life for years and has just ridden back in town and struggles with his own personal demons.

Can they find their way back to each other, overcoming their pasts to make a life worth living together?

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