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Book Review - Forever You (Forever Black #2) by Sandi Lynn

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Sandi was Kind enough to send this to me this am and I started it this right after she sent it , needless to say I was Consumed by this amazing book.

This is Forever You in Connor's POV . Let me tell you It is Just as Amazing in his POV, no actually it is Better in my opinion.

“Infinity is forever, and that’s what you are to me. You are my forever, Mr. Black.”

We left off in Forever Black with Connor and Ellery talking about their daughter . So you all know this one goes into alot more detail when the time comes and Ellery is pregnant.

I absolutely LOVED reading this book in Connor's POV. You get to see how he reacted to EVERYTHING in Forever Black from his POV . It broke my heart all over again when he found out Ellery's Cancer had come back and We get to Journey with Him When he leaves Michigan and drives back to new York by himself.

Looking at everything through Connors eyes was different in my eyes . I Loved how With each scene that we remember in Ellery's POV Sandi has added to it in Connor's POV and made it so much better.

I do not want to ruin it for anyone , so I will stop there and Just tell you this if you thought you did not need to read this because you read Forever Black , think again YOU NEED to read this one too.

“There's no limit to what I wouldn't do for you. Just ask, and it will be done, no matter the sacrifice,”

I LOVED Ellery Just as much in this one as I did in Forever Black and Maybe a little more too. We see her through Connor's Eyes and I truly understand now why they are so much in love .

“I love you, Ellery. Not only for whom you are, but for the person I’ve become because of you. This is my forever to you.”

“You complete me, Ellery. You’ve given me a life of happiness that I never knew existed, and I’ll spend the rest of my life thanking you.”

“You have nothing to fear, Ellery, because I’ll take care of you regardless of what the results show. I’m your lifeline, and I promise to give you a healthy life and future no matter the cost or sacrifice.”

“You don’t have to say a word, Ellery, I know how much you love it; I can tell by the look on your face. This was built for you because I love you. I want to give you every dream you’ve ever dreamed, every happy moment you never had, every bit of love you’ve ever lost, and most importantly, a family. This home, our home, is my future with you, and we’re going to spend the rest of our lives making beautiful memories here.”

“I could never understand my purpose in this world. I’ve had nothing but pain and loss my whole life. But now I know why God saved me the first time. It was so I could find you. Then he saved me the second time so I could love you forever. This house is perfect; you’re perfect, and no one will ever take that away from us. Our love is infinite, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life showing you.”

Dr. Taub looked at me and smiled. “You’re pregnant, Ellery.”
“Shut the fuck up!” Peyton blurted out.

Book Blurb:

Forever You is the highly demanded sequel to USA Today’s Bestseller, Forever Black.

Connor Black’s life consisted of his company and his use of multiple women. There was never going to be love, relationships, or a fairy-tale life. Emotionally dead and damaged, that stemmed from a personal tragedy, Connor Black vowed never to feel any emotion or fall in love with a woman. That was true until Ellery Lane walked into his life by accident and changed his life forever. He begins experiencing feelings and emotions that he never felt before and finds himself being drawn into her world.

You took the journey with Connor and Ellery as their love, courage, and strength were put to the test. You watched their worlds come together through her eyes in Forever Black, and now it's time to take the journey through his in Forever You

Sandi Thank you so much for sending this my way to read this am. I am so thrilled I got to read it all day . I can not wait to see what Happens in Forever Us.

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