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Book Review - Avenger (Impossible, #3) by Julia Sykes

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First off I need to thank Julia for letting me in on her journey while writing this series. I LOVED getting each installment when she was done writing it. I'm going to miss Sean and Claudia, But I look forward to see what Julia comes up with next.

This is the final installment in the Impossible Series. I have really enjoyed this journey with Claudia and Sean. In this final Installment we learned All there was to learn about Sean.

Sean, Like I said in this book we learn what had happened to Sean to make him the ruthless man that he was. We also learned that underneath it all he does have a heart after all. He truly does LOVE Claudia. he has seen that she is right for him. She has saved him from the Monster that he was.

I LOVED Sean in this book, More then I did in all the rest. He truly opened up more and was more forthcoming with details about his past. He finally admitted it all to Claudia.

Claudia, She finally grew her own set of balls (per say LOL ). She was amazing in this final installment. She fought for what she believed in and that was Sean. She was not going to let anything happen to him even if that Meant she had to die herself to protect him ( she did not die don't get excited).

There are some great twists in this book. I do not want to give anything away. At one point I was like What the heck is Julia doing to me, this was not suppose to happen, but then As the twists continue you understand what things happened the way that they did.

Book Blurb:
The third book in the Impossible series. Release date May 3, 2013.

I found that I was dead inside again, but this was far worse than it had been the first time. Before I met Sean Reynolds I had been cold, isolated, carefully controlled. I hadn’t even realized that I wasn’t really living until he showed me what it was to connect with another human being. I had foolishly allowed myself to hope for a future with him, envisioning a day when both of our souls were fully healed and we were free of our pasts. But now I had lost him, and in the process I had lost myself.

Dr. Claudia Ellers had thought Sean Reynolds a beautiful traitor, but in the end it was she who betrayed them both. Her actions have changed her, hardened her. Claudia is sick of being hunted, tired of living in fear. And now Sean isn’t there to protect her any longer. So she resolves to become the hunter, and she won’t stop until she has her revenge. But when the time comes, will Sean have her back, or will he be the one stabbing a knife into it?

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