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Book Review - So Many Reasons Why (So Many Reasons, #1) by Missy Johnson

 My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really liked this book. It has banter, Chemistry between a Student/Teacher , and a little drama all mixed in .

We meet 20 yr old Emma in the beginning , she is a college student who takes all of her class’ online and talks to her teachers/ professors through email. She was attacked when she was 10 yrs old and because of that she has developed a case of agoraphobia and has nightmares still 10 yrs later. Her parents are not your typical parents and they truly don’t understand how she feels fully. She does have 2 of the greatest best friends and they are a great support system for her. In the first few chapters we learn that her attacker is going to be released for parole and she becomes even more panicked then she was.

Emma sends out an email to her new professor to confirm some info on her assignment and she soon find herself having playful and back and forth banter with her professor Simon. Simon is a Part time Professor who is also the Assistant DA. I loved how he was an older man and not just another young guy in a book.

They go back and forth in email for some time and they both start to have feelings for each other. She starts to open up to Simon about herself and Simon starts to develop strong feelings for her as well. Can Simon help Emma to get over her suffering of panic attacks, and her agoraphobia ??

The relationship that develops between these two is great. The way the story flows and is written based on the fact that Emma does not leave the house is even better. There are a couple twists and turns and you will be surprised by them without a doubt. There is a kinda cliffhanger , but not one that makes you SCREAM I want MORE RIGHT NOW…. It just leaves you wanting to see how everything turns out for these two great people. I am looking forward to reading book 2 when it comes out.

Book Blurb:
Twenty year old Emma hasn’t left the house since she was attacked as a child. Now, with the impending release of her attacker from prison, Emma knows it’s more important than ever for her to regain control of her life. From her unrelenting nightmares, to her strained relationships, to her crippling agoraphobia, Emma feels as though her life is spiraling out of control.

When her professor, Simon Anderson enters her life, Emma must deal with feelings she has never experienced before.

Though both she and Simon know their relationship is bordering on inappropriate, neither of them are able to ignore the intense chemistry that is quickly developing between them.

What was supposed to keep her mind off the attack has left her more confused than ever. When there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t be together, is simply being in love really enough?

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