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Book Review - A Pretty Pill (A Pretty Pill, #1) by Criss Copp

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WHY THE HELL HAVE I NOT READ THIS BEFORE NOW ..... I was in a slump trying to figure out what to read on my TBR list next and I decided to go with this one. Let me tell you it was the best decision I have made in a longtime . This book CONSUMED me right from page 1.

Jade Tayte is an athlete and party girl, living on campus at university and enjoying the carefree lifestyle that comes with being a 19 year old student, living away from home. Finishing up her second year of study, she gets a call that changes her life forever.

In a freak accident while driving along the New England Highway, on their way to collect her, Jade’s parents are killed and her brother Silas is left fighting for his life.

Jade is forced to consider her future, when it becomes apparent that her Grandparents do not intend to step in and take on the challenging behaviours that Silas manifests, when it becomes clear that he will survive.
At 19, and with no script to follow, Jade must take on a parenting role for her 12 year old brother.

I loved Jade. This woman at the age of 19 yrs old , put her entire life on hold and completely LOST herself to take care of her brother. I have so much Respect for what she did and what she went through to take care of her brother .
Dealing with her own pain about the loss of her parents , and her grandparents being the way they were , I felt for Jade through the whole scene. I felt her heartache, her pain, her feeling of losing herself, all the while doing all she could to get her brother in her care.

Jade is struggling to take care of her teenage brother who she has suddenly become his only care giver and if that is not bad enough her brother has a Mental Illness .

Silas who was seriously injured in the accident wants nothing more then for his sister to let him die. he even asks her at one point to just kill him while he is sleeping. This TORE my heart out, This boy is so depressed, so unstable and wants nothing more then to just die.

"Why couldn't you let me die too?" He cries, "I'm not here. I'm not, I can't, please kill me." He pleads painfully.
"I love you. I love you, and I can't imagine life without you too." I cry. He's crying too, and holding me fiercely.
"Why couldn't you just let me die? he croaks, his body shuddering.
"Because I can't and I won't." I explain.

~I'm a coward, but I want to die." He says pleadingly stressing the 'want'.
"Please kill me Jade, when I'm sleep tonight, come in and stab me, straight through my heart, please." He begs me.

Jade is struggling with herself, with trying to take care of Silas and everything else she has lost herself, at night she goes to bed and she just cries in the darkness of her bedroom.

Silas' pain in my pain….
My pain is my pain….
All loss is my loss….
I don't begin or end. I'm a desolate husk of a fractured being that has no idea how to heal, because nobody wants to save me. Not even Silas, because he's struggling too much with the demons that desperately cling to his soul. And because I define myself within his struggle to be free of them. I am a slave to the drama; a slave to the feeling of helplessness that engulfs me every time Silas struggles to keep his feet walking one step at a time. I wanted so much to be my own person, free an unencumbered, it will never be like that again. I hate that Jade now, she's an accomplishment I'll never know, she left me behind in this chaos, I hate her, I hate me.

Jade does all she can to get her brother the right kind of medical help and get his balance of medication right. When it is finally determined that he is Bipolar , they finally find a good balance of medicine and things seem to be calming down for Jade.

Jade has been at the gym using it as an outlet and to keep herself in shape , this is where she meets Ben.

Benjamin Reynolds is living the high life in LA, and he’s about to renegotiate his UFC contract, when suddenly he’s called home to Australia to care for his ailing mother who has been diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Jade runs into Ben at the Gym one day and they start their conversing back and forth with some wild banter. Jade is not shy at all to throw her feelings out there and Ben is not shy in throwing his banter right back at her. In the beginning it is a major love/ hate relationship that will surely make you laugh.

“We’ll I’ve gotta tell ya... you’re fucking losing your touch... because I seriously can’t stomach the idea of your cock getting anywhere near me!” I reply.
“You haven’t even seen my cock... how do you know if you want it near you or not?” he laughs.
That almost has me laughing... seriously... but I can hold back the laugh and compose myself... barely. I channel my inner bitch...
“Send me a picture... I’ll put it with all the other cocks I collect!” I growl.
That nearly has him falling off the treadmill, but he regains his stride.

“What is your problem?” she asks.
“You... you’re my problem!” I bite... I put more vehemence in that short sentence than I had intended... and now suddenly I’m even more pissed off. I’ve been making it obvious that I’m interested, and she’s been rude! Which has made me behave rudely!
“How am I your problem, fuckface?” she growls.
“Fuckface? Is that an invitation to fuck my face, or have me fuck yours?” I return heatedly.
“How do you make insults into seventies porn come-ons? You’re a freak show of twisted innuendo!” she reasons angrily.

This goes on for weeks , Jade refuses to let her guard down and have any kind of feelings towards Ben. She has one thing on her mind and that is her brother and making him her number one priority.

Ben gets with his old Fight trainer and soon gets introduced to Silas. They form a bond together as friends and Ben works with him and and a couple others in their training. One night Ben discovers that Silas is Jade's brother.

“That’s because of me... she used to be the life of the party... she was a lot of fun! I mean, don’t get me wrong... she and I have fun. She’s still got it. But she stopped her life and put everything on hold to take care of a very fucked up 12 year old! I’d be dead if it weren’t for her.” he states frankly. “I wouldn’t wish being bipolar on anyone... but I definitely wouldn’t wish being in Jade’s position on anyone either... she’s been fucked over royally! I keep telling her to give up on me... but she never does.” he sighs.

Ben informs Jade that he is not giving up on her without a fight, that Silas and his Illness will not chase him off , he will not run He wants to HELP Silas.

Slowly things come together and When Jade and Ben finally give in to their sexual Tension HOLY SMOKING HOT SEX !!!!!

Consuming and desperate need is burning a pathway through me, pooling in my pelvis; and I need him to crawl inside my body... entirely inside, like he could be buried within me. My sexual denial is just ludicrous... this man has me body and soul right here... right now... and there’s simply no denying the attraction any more. I’m seriously feeling destroyed... blown apart... like stardust in a distant sky... floating and inconsistent!

Through all this Ben is still dealing with his mom and her dying, Jade has become part of helping out and spending time with his mom. When Ben's mom is getting worse , she decides she is done with her meds and just wants to be left to die in peace at home.

The moment that She tells Jade to take care of Ben and not to run no more I balled my eyes out . There is so much love between them in that moment that it breaks your heart.

The road that Jade and Silas lead is a tough one for sure , add into that Ben and his Mom and this is an emotional read for sure. It is a long battle to happiness at the end of the tunnel. There is always bumps in the road , but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This story will consume you, you will feel all the heartache, pain, stress, raw emotions, every ounce of it , BUT it is so worth the journey to take with Jade Silas and Ben. You will not be disappointed at all .

I am off to read Book 2 Fake and get to know Silas some more ...

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