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Book Review - Fake (A Pretty Pill, #2) by Criss Copp

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Fake , although I will say the Epilogue is a KILLER of a cliffhanger OMG !!!! I need Book #3 NOW ..... I so did not know this had a Killer Cliffhanger Or I would of waited to read the series ,I so dislike Cliffhangers.

Anyways Aside from that This book ROCKS just like the first one did.

Silas Tayte, aged 19 and a Mixed Martial Arts fighter; life itself has been the biggest battle of all.
An orphan at 12; then raised by his sister Jade, after recovering from life threatening injuries; he continued to struggle further through his teenage years with mental illness, until he was properly diagnosed as bipolar and treated effectively.
However, his illness is only stable when his medication is properly managed, and it’s hard to care about that when life is happening all around him.
When his girlfriend Shae walks away, his world implodes.

We start this book with the Prologue and Silas in Treatment again.His Girlfriend Shae has left him and he has gone into the zone and has become Manic. We get the raw emotions, the Heartache, the memories that Salis has of being with Shae. He has a rough first 2 weeks and this is also where Silas Meets Isobelle.

Isobelle Mulligan, aged 25, was raised in a life of privilege that she was desperate to escape. Drawn to a military life, she participates in two tours of duty in Afghanistan as an Army medic... before it’s all cut short by an IED.
She keeps to the fringes of society, trapped in the confines of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Cleaning at a transitional age youth division of a private mental health facility; Isobelle’s withdrawn nature is challenged by Silas... and because of her employment; their growing friendship must remain a secret.

Despite pain, heartache and interference, the two eventually fall in love.
However, life is rarely that helpful, and the two are consistently tested to prove that they deserve their chance at happiness.

"I’m perched over the top of her, and I’m breathing hard, and I have this confusing moment where I almost move in to push her shirt up and begin kissing her under it, but I stop myself; and I mean, I literally just stop myself and look at her giggling underneath me.
My brain is analyzing this moment in extreme detail.
I’m aroused; seriously and unquestionably aroused.
I want to bury myself in this woman.
I want to tell her what she’s doing to me, but I don’t want to ruin the friendship we’ve started.
I’m finding her laughter intoxicating like a siren’s song.
I think she’s not only beautiful, but seriously hot.
I find her scent intoxicating.
I have yet to discover any serious flaws in her.
I’m not sure how I feel about Shae anymore… it’s just pain. I can’t even feel regret for not trying harder.
I’m scared."
~ Silas Tayte

I LOVED this one even more then the first one if that is possible and here is why.

We get to know Silas so much more , but we also get to see more of Ben, Jade, And then Isi.

The banter back and forth Between Ben, Jade, Silas is still there nice and strong and funny as all Hell. They truly are a Bunch of taco's "The association of orphans and castoffs.” I was literally laughing out loud. Thanksgiving dinner Put me over the edge on the laughter meter for sure.

“Fucking hell Jade, what the fuck have you done?” I’m screaming as I attempt to wipe the offending burn from my tongue with my paper napkin, which is completely fucked because it just disintegrates and I end up spitting it out in bits and swallowing even more. I feel like I’ve licked battery acid, swallowed it and then for good measure smeared the burning shit all over my lips.

The Love that Silas and Isi develop from what started as friendship is so over powering . I thought the connection between Ben and jade in Book one was Big , theirs is so much stronger, Like they literally think things for each other . watching these two grow as a couple and still battle real life problems was amazing. They truly are MADE for each other.

Although they develop feelings for each other and start as friends and develop into a relationship , it definitely is not an easy road for them. They get caught up in a bad situation and Silas is struggling very hard to try to Protect Isi and make sure nothing happens to her or him.

“I can’t lose you.” He croaks.
“I don’t want to go anywhere.” I whisper.
“If he touches you I’ll kill him.” He promises.
“I’d try to kill him first.” I promise.
He groans and leans in to kiss me.
“We need to find a better place to hide for now.” He says gently, and I can tell it’s taking everything in him not to erupt and instead calm down. There’s something else in his eyes too… fear.
“I know.”
“I’m struggling with this Isi.” He says and then he begins to cry.
“Fuck.” I whisper, and I pull him toward me. “I’m so sorry Silas. Please, stay with me now…

Silas Is going to Break , he wants nothing more then to protect Isi and he feels like he can't do what needs to be done to protect her. Me heart Just Broke for them BOTH in this situation.

He’s crumpling now, because he’s finally broken. I feel my chest constrict and my heart is hurting.
“Silas look at me.” I ask him. He looks and his beautiful green eyes seem to be holding onto a world of sadness. I hold his face and bring his forehead down to rest on mine.
“If I lose you now, my entire life would stop and I’d cease to exist.” I say. “You’re my everything Silas. You’re my reason to get up in the morning. You’re the reason I’m happy again, you’re the air I breathe and the sunshine in my sky.” I croak, feeling the ball in my throat getting bigger and bigger.

The climax at the end well Damn , what Can I say I knew something was coming down the road but I was NOT expecting the end to Leave me hanging like it did. I mean I know things will work out Because Ms. Copp loves HEA's BUT I am DYING to know how things work out. I need to Know what happens to Poor Silas , How can ya leave us hanging like that. I NEED book #3 NOW , not later lol.

So yeahh definitely ADD this to your TBR list but if your not a fan of Killer cliffhangers By all means wait for book 3 or you will be screaming like I am wanting it NOW.......

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