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Book Review - The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a fun read , but I felt it was a little rushed.

Kacey was a great character , we meet her in The prologue when her, Jake and Travis are kids . They all grew up together. Throughout their childhood , Travis is the one who always does pranks to her, Jake is the one who is always there to protect her .

That all changes one night she is dealt with the blow of losing her parents and her best friend Jake . Jake because he does the most stupid thing any guy can do .

Jake , Playboy, cocky and conceited, He has no remorse For how he treated Kacey . He thinks throughout the book that he can be "perfectly happy having a wife with a mistress on the side.” I wanted to slap him so many times .

Travis I loved how he was in this story , he was the boy who always had a crush on Kacey , but never acted on it until they were adults . He always picked on her when they were kids, but he did it because he was nervous to be anything else with her because of his stutter when he tried to talk to her.

“Because of you, Kace. Everything I do, everything I’ve done in my life, it’s all because of you.”

The Boys Grandmother , I LOVED this woman, she was soo funny , her plotting to get Travis and Kacey together was awesome .

Book Blurb:

"I have a proposition for you..."
Kacey should have run the minute those words left Seattle millionaire Jake Titus's mouth. Instead, she made a deal with the devil in hopes of putting her past behind her once and for all.
Four days.
She could do four days!
But she wasn't counting on Jake’s older brother Travis being there to witness their farce of an engagement.
One thing is for certain.
One brother is right for her.
One wants a lifetime.
And one is in league with the devil.
She should have gotten Jake’s signature in blood.

So why only 3 stars , well this book is based on Jake making a proposition to Kacey , because he needs to prove to his family that he can be a responsible adult and take over the family business. So he enlists Kacey to be his "fake Fiancee" for the weekend to prove that he is responsible and can settle down from his playboy ways . The thing is we never see Jake get caught for lying , We never get to find out what happens with him and the family business. I would of thought that would of been in this book, but it was not.

We start out the story with the reasons for the proposition , but then we get steered toward a romance between Travis and Kacey , and Jake and his problems with the business are totally gone .

There will be a sequel to this one , Hopefully Jake will meet his match and someone will straighten out is cocky A** .

Here is the Epilogue: http://www.rachelvandyken.com/2013/04... ( don't know why it was not in the book but there it is )

There is no cliffhanger here at all .

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