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Book Review - My Everything (Beaumont, #1.5) by Heidi McLaughlin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars Only because it is a short Novella . Other then that it was Great .

I will admit I was not a fan of Nick's Forever your Girl. I understand that he was worried about his relationship with Josie, But It just seemed that was all he was worried about .

This Book showed me that Nick did truly have love inside him for Noah even though he was not his son. I was happy when Nick realized that he needed to apologize to Noah for how he left. I was happy that he came to realize that no matter what happened between him and Josie , that at one point he was the only dad that Noah knew and he knew that he needed to fix things with Noah . He wanted to be a part of Noah's life.

I was nervous when He saw Josie for the first time and asked about seeing Noah. I was just as nervous as he was as to what she was going to say .

I am glad that Josie and Liam ( Liam especially) knew that he needed to think of Noah's feeling's and put his own aside so that Nick could remain a part of Noah's life .

My Heart Broke and I shed my tears during Nick and Noah's reuniting , but it was happy tears for sure .

I am happy that Nick met Aubrey and got his HEA with this book.

Book Blurb:
When Nick Ashford lost his friend, Mason, he didn’t realize he was going to lose his family as well, but that’s exactly what happened. Alone and in a foreign country, Nick is working on rebuilding his life one patient at a time, that is, until a striking volunteer makes her presence known.

Can Nick finish his year in Africa without risking his heart being broken again, or is he willing to start a new chapter in his life before his return to Beaumont?

I can not wait for the Next one in this series and See what Happens between Katelyn and Harrison !!!!!!!

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