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Book Review - Nice Girl (Girl Series) by Kate Baum

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

review requested by author , Kate asked me to read this for an honest review so here goes ....

This was a great read , I know I say that will Most of the books I read , If the blurb looks interesting then I am all for reading the book .

Blurb :

Graduate student Grace Locke moves from the Midwest to New York City to complete her Masters degree in Criminology. She longs to one day be a college professor. It is a field that is dominated by men. She is worried about succeeding in such an atmosphere. Past sexual relationships have caused her to feel intimidated. Her experiences with college men have left her jaded and unsatisfied. She gives herself a challenge. Time to toughen up or she won’t make it in a career she yearns for. She decides to surround herself with alpha males so that she can practice becoming what she sees as a strong confident woman. She finds power and defiance in her new attitude……..until Vinnie.

When Grace takes a part time secretarial job at a private investigator office, she assumes it will be interesting to watch how the cases unfold. It is close to her campus apartment and gives her the extra cash she needs as a struggling college student. Even more perfect is that the office is surrounded by street wise hardened males. Now, she can get the needed practice at increasing her confidence among men. She wasn’t prepared for Vinnie Lewis. A former hit man who decides to go straight, he is the ultimate “bad boy”. After growing up with a prostitute mother on the streets of New York City, he has no patience for nice girls like Grace. He is difficult to work with. She finds him just plain scary with his six foot four frame, bulging biceps, and a scar from a former knife fight that goes across his right ear to his chin. She shakes in his presence but then ……. is shocked when she can’t stop thinking of him.

Grace , has a crazy hectic life, she has 3 BFF's who all live in separate states , but always get together when home, or via web chatting on the internet . They all have lost their virginity within the same yr and recently discovered they all have never really experienced an orgasm , so as they meet for their last night in the same town , they all form a pack to get with an Older man and have then experience of an Orgasm within the yr .

Grace heads off to New York to go to Graduate School for her Criminology degree , and she needs to find a part time job also to have some cash coming in so after unpacking in her dorm room she heads out to check things out and get a coffee . That is where she stumbles upon A&V Investigations , where she is looking at the secretary help wanted sign when Jamie comes along and pulls her inside the place . Announcing to Anthony that he found their girl. Anthony is one of the two owners of the A&V PI business. Their business is taking off and is going strong. She goes through a quick interview with Anthony and they decide on the title of Office manager versus secretary .

they have no order what so ever in the business , everything is still packed in boxes and ect. It takes Grace a couple weeks to get things organized .

her and Jamie become quick BFF's as does she with his partner Luke , I Love Jamie he was totally awesome in the book . He takes Grace under his wing and fills her in little by little everyday about the guys and the business , as well as the cases they work on .

Vinnie, Ex Mob guy who was the Beef of the organization ,always the muscles. The Enforcer, The guy that gets things done. , Yeah he is that scary looking lol . Had a bad up bringing , His own mother and her antics had ruined him from ever even thinking about a relationship with a woman .His mother was a drug addict, prostitute who did all kinds of things with men in front of her son. He always treated woman like his mother was treated by the men in her life while he was growing up . That is Until he met Grace . Once he meets Grace his Alpha Male protectiveness kicks in , BUT it is not fast acting , for weeks all Grace gets from him is Grunts of hello , and she is terrified of him in the beginning . Who wouldn't be he is 6'4' Built like the Incredible Hulk , has a scar that runs from his ear to his chin line .

For weeks all Grace gets outta Vinnie is grunts of hello . then one day one of his skanky chics comes in ( Jamie has full warned her about the woman that Vinnie associates himself with ) she is going crazy wanting to see Vinnie and Vinnie gruntingly tells Grace to get rid of her , when the woman does not leave , grace tells her where Vinnie's office is ... Oppssss .. after he gets rid of the woman he takes his rage out on Grace , who starts to cry and says that it I QUIT .... Anthony walks in see's she is upset as she is trying to get her key off her ring and Vinnie stops her , and tells her to stop , that he is sorry , Anthony mouth hanging open looks at Vinnie ( yeahh MISTER tough big hulk guy has a soft spot and Grace found it )

after that Grace and Vinnie finally start to have normal conversations , she is slowly getting him to open up and talk and he is bringing out feelings in her , she never thought she would have for him .

weeks of flirting, touching , talking , and they are slowly getting to know each other and biulding a friendship , that turns into much more as weeks and months go by ..

Great story , I don't want to give it all away , but it sure was a fun read .

My only downside from it was no epilogue , BUT I see that Kate is going to have more stories with the rest of Grace's BFF's so I am hoping that we will hear more from Grace and Vinnie in future books .

Thanks Kate for Providing me a copy and allowing me to review this for you . I look forward to reading more of the Girls series

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