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Big Happenings

I am SO EXCITED !!!!!!! This week I have had some Big happenings going on for myself and My Blog Site . I received a couple emails from a couple different authors asking me to be Beta Readers for them and their Upcoming Books ..

I Recieved an email from Heather Heinzer (otherwise known as H.B. Heinzer) the other day asking me if I would be interested in reading her book Bent   http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17191386-bent which is due to be released Feb 1rd, 2013, in return for an honest review.

 I of course Jumped at the option of getting an ARC and doing an honest review of it . Well she Loved my Review and after going back and forth with her in a couple emails she has asked me to become a Beta Reader for her on her upcoming books . I also went back through Bent and did an edit of errors for her as well. per her request .

 I have officially done my first Beta Read of a Book .

 I am Beyond Excited to be able to work with a fantastic New Author . I do believe that Everyone is going to enjoy what Heather has to offer in her writing . She is a Great Author and the Story line of Bent was amazing .

Also I got another Awesome  surprise today . I received an email today from Megan Erickson Author of Anchor Me . http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17210316-anchor-me
She has been following my Blog Site and my Reviews on Goodreads and has asked me to Become a beta reader for her as well .

 She will be sending me a copy of her upcoming book Searching For Thorns . to proof read and edit if necessary . Here is a blurb of the Book  http://meganerickson.co/my-books/the-cedar-point-series/searching-for-thorns/

So as you can see new and exciting things are coming my way and I am so excited to be able to help a couple of great authors .....

Happy reading everyone

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