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Book Review - Games of the Heart (The 'Burg, #4) by Kristen Ashley

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Kristen Ashley I absolutely LOVE you and your writing woman . You are one truly amazingly Gifted Writer .. And I am proud to say I LOVE reading your books EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM !!!!

This Book like every other one I have read was AMAZINGLY AWESOME !!!!!

From the balcony of his house, Mike Haines can see the quiet, commonplace beauty of the Holliday farm. But what he remembers is the little sister of his high school girlfriend, Dusty who grew up there. As a teen, Dusty had gone off the rails but when she was a kid, she was sweet, she was funny and she had a special bond with Mike. But after high school, she took off and Mike never saw her again.

Then tragedy strikes Dusty's family, she comes back into town and Mike thinks she hasn't changed back to the sweet, funny girl he knew but instead continued to be selfish and thoughtless, leaving her family alone to deal with their mourning. So he seeks her out and confronts her in an effort to understand what went wrong and to force her to sort herself out.

He finds out quickly he's wrong about Dusty Holliday. Very wrong. And right after Mike discovers that, the bond they had years before snaps back into place in ways he would never suspect.

But Mike Haines had a bad marriage then he played games of the heart for a good woman. And lost. In order to protect himself and his kids, he's cautious, he's careful to read the signs and he's not interested in finding a woman he has to fix.

Then he learns what happened to Dusty and he thinks she needs to be fixed. He swings, he misses and in this new game of hearts, for Dusty, Mike just got strike three

“Are you asking me to marry you, honey?”
“No, I’m tellin’ you by the end of this year you’ll be wearing my rings, bearing my name and, probably, pregnant with my baby.”

I LOVE Mike , Strong, protective Alpha Male AWESOME DAD .. Takes care of his kids and his woman and her family ... He never once thought to stop doing what he was doing to help and get what he wanted outta it all in the end which was a happy family and beautiful life ... After reading Dusty's Diaries Mike finds out that she has loved him her whole life .. and after him making a big mistake he realizes he needs to fix that mistake and he does with no holds bared , and he fixes it great ..

“I've been involved in lots of GAMES OF THE HEART, gorgeous. Rolled the dice time and again, took a lot of risks, took a lot of falls. Finally seems I'm winning. I'm not about to play it safe now.”

Dusty I absolutely LOVED her hands down , she was strong, loved, stepped right up to the plate to help her brother's family and she never once thought of herself ... she did what she needed to do to help and she held nothing back either . she also stepped right up to the plate to help Mike's kids and majorily help Rees ... that in itself was amazing thru and thru ...she was 100% up front , never held anything back , and was totally honest through the whole thing

“I’m falling in love with you, Mike Haines.” As I spoke, with every word his arms got tighter and tighter and his face, already close, became a breath away.
“Angel, you’re already gone.”
I blinked and asked, “Sorry?”
“I read your diaries. I caught your pass in that hotel room. I listened to your offer to stay. I saw you wave good-bye at the airport and got your call before I’d pulled out of the parking lot. You fell with a kiss. I know, honey, because I was right there with you.”

the other best part of this book was Dusty's nephew, Fin, and Mike's daughter, Clarisse fall in crazy beautiful love. I loved watching that Love Blossom and I LOVED watching Fin handle Clarisse With care through it all . The Epilogue including them was hands down the best ...

I can not wait for Bennie & Frankie and some more of KA !!!!!!!

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