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Book Review - Avoiding Commitment (Avoiding, #1) by K.A. Linde

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I Definitely have mixed feelings about this book .I have never read a book with the past and present in it like this , at first it was driving me crazy , the constant back and forth , but as I got further into it I liked it better as it showed the past and present in a different light to me . I love Jack in the beginning but as I got further through the book I started to really dislike him constantly doing everything he did as far as leading her on without just committing to her, but didn't want her with anyone else either . he pretty much wanted his cake and was eating it too. At one point I really thought Lexi needed some serious relationship therapy , she just always was right there believing everything Jack told her and acting like it was the normal thing to do .I wanted to bitch slap her senseless a few times , but in the end she did become the smart one who finally did get her closure i do believe or at least I hope she did . Bekah I hated through the whole book , simple as that . Ramsey seems like he was out for Lexi's best interest from the beginning , I only hope that in the next book something good comes out of her relationship status with her .. Onto Book 2 I go

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